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SystemCare/WorldTech Systems Part 4

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WorldTech (SystemCare) called again. I missed the beginning of the conversation but as usual they don’t take to well to being turned down for a sale.

There’s not too much to be said about this call, worth a listen, almost word for word the same as previous calls. I confused the poor guy when I try and explain the glossy lcds available on most new laptops, and then he really can’t take no for an answer. Hopefully the next time I will be on my toes and ready for the call!Rene

SystemCare/WorldTech Systems Part 3

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The guys at SystemCare must have gotten tired of having their name dragged through the mud and have now changed their name. They might have a new name now but are following the same old script except they are “sending” me an MP3 player this time. Have a listen to the new WorldTech Systems.

It’s funny how they brag about their new 11.5 million dollar phone system, but they can’t even send out a couple of free samples of their LCD monitor wipe. I also found it weird that when we had a bad connection and they called back they had switched callers. The boys from SystemCare WorldTech Systems really need to learn how to take no for an answer. They try and try to get you to buy something and when you explain to them that you can’t they end up hanging up on you. Hopefully I’ll be prepared for their next call and I’ll finally ask them about the Sony Clock Radios, Portable DVD players, and MP3 players I’ve been promised over the past few years.


SystemCare Part 2

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“SystemCare” called again. Still trying to sell their LCD monitor wipes and laser printer cleaning sheets. This time they promised me a portable DVD player to be here on the following Monday. That was two Monday’s ago and still no player. The next time they call I will be sure to inquire about the whereabouts of my player.

Click the play button to have a listen.

SystemCare called again

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The guys from SystemCare finally called back again. I was able to record the call this this time. I never quite had things setup when they called so I put him on hold for a minute so I could start the program and fix the microphone. When I took him off hold the first thing I got to record was the most famous of “bad” words. It’s kind hard to hear it, but it’s within the first 2 or 3 seconds.

I simply went through his phone spiel this time, though I did get him to hang up on me at the end. Hopefully I’ll get to have a little more fun with them the next time around.


systemcare system care lcd monitor wipes hp laser printer cleaning sheets

Why does “System Care” keep calling me?

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Time after time I get a phone call from these guys at “System Care” offering me LCD monitor wipes and laser printer cleaning sheets. It’s really starting to bug me. The phone call always starts the same, “Hi it’s Joe Schmoe from System Care, we’ve been referred to your company by HP (the last time they said HP and other manufacturers). yada yada. We have a Sony CD Clock Radio on the way to you, just don’t get mad if it wakes you too early… yada yada yada… is it the weather or the women… yada yada yada…”

I used to let them go a while before I would politely tell them I am not interested. Now the calls usually only last a minute before they hang up on me. I usually ask them who at HP referred us as we don’t have any HP equipment, they trip up in this one for a few seconds before hanging up. I ask them about their script and they get mad and hang up. I ask them why they are calling me for the third time today (the same person on their end!) and they get mad and hang up. I ask them to take this number off of their list and, you guessed it, they hang up on me. For some reason they keep hanging up on me. Don’t they want to make a sale?? 😉

If I had to guess, the first call was over a year ago. I am still awaiting the arrival of my many CD clock radios.

System Care, or Systemcare, or whoever you are, stop calling me!


P.S. I have a mic setup next to my phone, hopefully the next time they call I will be able to get a recording of their frustration before they hang up on me. 🙂