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Mommy’s gone away for the night!

This evening Nicholas and I had our Supper, a nice Prime Rib steak with some corn and a bread bun. After that we packed up our fishing rods and took the leftover corn and went fishing. A real man’s night!

We got to the little brook and Nicholas’ first interest was throwing rocks into the brook… undoubtedly the reason we never caught any fish. It wasn’t long after that he started watching his Dad fish and he grabbed up his rod and started “fishing”. We spent about fifteen minutes fishing together. I gave him some tips on how to cast his lure (with no hook) and then to reel it in. If there was a hook he would have lost it for sure with his slow reeling technique.

After this little bit of an adventure we went to hunt for a nearby Geocache. We found it without much problem (I was the one who hid it afterall) and we went through the contents. Nicholas was mainly interested in a pencil. I checked the logs to see who had signed it and then closed it all back up and we went on our way. Looks like I’ve got a real little buddy there!


I’m a married man!

What a wonderful day we had. This past Saturday, August 2nd, 2008, on the eleventh Anniversary of the beginning of our relationship Siobhan Keeping and I were married!

We had a pretty busy time leading up to the wedding but the wonderful people at Gros Morne Resort as well as Sister Margaret McLaughlin at “Our Lady of the Coast” Church made everything work out perfectly. The Resort was perfect and catered to our every need. The food was delicious at the wedding and at the Resort’s in-house restaurant. The rooms were great and the prices were wonderful. Nothing expensive, but everything seemed like it should have been.

Siobhan made a beautiful bride and Nicholas helped her father walk her up the Aisle. I managed to hold my composure for most of it, even though I probably sounded like a squeaky mouse while saying my vows.

We would like to thank everyone who helped to make our special day so much more special. I spent a wonderful three hours with my Grandfather the morning of the wedding while driving to and from Deer Lake to get the flowers and cake. What a great wedding gift that was! We would also like to thank everyone for the wonderful gifts we received.

John Nick Jeddore did our photos and I will be sure to post some as soon as he gets them together for us.

René and Siobhan Jeddre

The camper is sold

Our camper is sold. After two years of ownership ( the longest we’ve had any camper!) we finally sold this machine. We really didn’t have the time to use it, I hated hauling it (31 feet long from end to end) and I was sick of paying for a lawn ornament. One day we’ll have another camper, but it will be much smaller and lighter.

Final delivery of the camper

I had a fun time dropping it off. I picked up the new owner and we headed to the location where he wanted to park it. He started to guide me in the little road and I kept asking if she was going to make the turn. He kept telling me to come on. I watched the camper in my mirrors as it tilted more and more. I kept asking and he kept telling me to come on. Then she stopped. The truck couldn’t move her forward or back. He told me that he figured she would have made the turn but the two passenger side wheels ended up just in the ditch and the front and rear levelling jacks dug into the ground too far. Luckily he had a Bobcat front end loader down the road and was able to use it to lift the rear of the camper while I slowly moved forward. Some minor damage occured, but nothing serious. The jacks were bent back a little and his Bobcat damaged the diamond plate cover on the rear bumper.

On a side note, I sent this picture to my brother without any explanation and he thought the worst had happened. After he wrote me I looked at the picture and realized that it does look much worse then it was.


It was a Big Day in Conne River Yesterday

What a busy day. We had a local guy who signed up for the Armed Forces and they decided to use the occasion to do some advertising for new recruits. They brought in a wheeled tank-like vehicle and a huge helicopter and had them both on display. Anybody could hop aboard and explore the machines and ask questions.

Nicholas on the LAV3

 Photo by John Nick Jeddore

On top of the Armed Forces visit, CBC Radio had a live broadcast of the show On the Go from the Band Office. There were lots of interviews with locals as well as a number of musical performances by our youth. All in all it was quite an interesting day!

Amazon Needs a new suggestion system

I got an email this morning suggesting that I buy an Algebra book Because I bought a Baby Einstein numbers book. These books are obviously in different leagues. On top of that the email suggests that others who have bought or rated the Baby Einstein book have bought this new book… that’s not even released as of today. Come on Amazon, I’ve had some bad suggestions in the past, but this takes the cake!

Amazon bad suggestion

Edit: I received another one today. At least this one is available for purchase. 😉

Amazon Needs a new suggestion system 2

Ride for Sight

Hi all,

This June I am hoping to take part in the Annual Ride for Sight. Please visit my fundraising page and leave a donation. I set my goal at an easy $50 and I’m already halfway there.



We need more snow. It’s really hard playing around on the snowmobile with so little snow.

Broken MX-Z windshield

I started playing around in front of the house yesterday evening and went a little overboard. The MX-Z went up the hill and I held tight. When she hit the top she got some good grip and took off, with me hanging on. Up and over the snowbank, the only part of me touching the machine were my hands, gripping tightly. The machine hit the ground, I bounced off the windshield, literally, and then hit the ground. I’m ok, a couple of bumps, nothing serious, but now I have to buy a windshield. 🙁 Oh, and I had an audience. Siobhan was watching, but didn’t seem very happy. Her mom thought the snowmobile was gonna run me over and Nicholas was in awe. Oops.


Brayden’s Tonsils

The poor little bugger had his tonsils out on Wednesday. His recovery is coming along good and he’s being a little trooper through it all. We wish him the best of luck and can’t wait for him to get back home.


Finally, after years of waiting and working on getting some sort of broadband service here in Conne River, it’s coming!

12 kilometers of fiber optic cable have to be laid and then the equipment has to be put in place, after that we are on broadband… finally! The expected date of arrival is September 2008, but I expect delays. No matter whn it happens, there will be a lot of happy people here!

We’re in!

We moved in to our new house on the 12th of January. We’re starting to get pretty comfortable now. Nicholas never had a problem with the move and he loves all the room he has to run around. The house is great. There’s a few minor issues with it, but all in all we are very happy with it!

Pictures to come soon!


P.S. It helps to hit the post button! I had this written up for a week in a tab and never hit post. My bad!