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Jeddore Baby Number 2!

We had a trip to Grand Falls-Windsor yesterday to take care of some business and to have our first ultrasound of our second child. The little one is due sometime in February and it was nice to finally get to see him or her. This time around we wanted to find out what we were having, but the hospital’s policy is to not disclose the sex of the baby.
Jeddore Baby Ultrasound 2008

Hopefully when we go for our second ultrasound in a few months I’ll be able to catch a glimpse and maybe see if it is a boy or a girl. 


Two Months ‘Til Christmas! (and a tired boy)

Wow, only two months left to go! We’ve got everything we want for Nicholas and more. Now we have to take care of the rest of our families.

Our little guy has an ear infection of some sort. We were up all night with him, literally! I figure he got about 4 hours of sound sleep… Siobhan probably got 6 hours and I think I got 2 hours. He had his 18 month booster shots two days ago and we figured he might have some side effects from those (i.e. restlessness). We also noticed he’s been digging his ears so we brought him to see the nurse today and she confirmed our suspicions. Ten days of medicine for the little guy and hopefully all will be good and he will start sleeping good again.




Our little guy is growing up fast. He grew over an inch in a month and a half, all kinds of new words pop out every day. He can be stubborn sometimes and definately has a mind of his own. Not necessairly a bad thing, but frustrating at times. Also, today he pooped in the toilet for the first time! 🙂


Nicholas is walking!

The little guy is finally “walking”. He’s been walking for a while now with a few steps here and there and even taking up to a dozen or so steps. Yesterday he started standing, walking, stopping, walking some more, stopping, turning around, walking a bit more and then plopping down on his butt. He’s no marathon winner yet, but he’s finally on his way. 🙂


Our little one year old!

A lot of firsts have been happening at the Jeddore-Keeping household lately. Nicholas has been done with the bottle for a couple weeks now. He finished his last can of formula the other day, he had his first birthday and he has finally taken his first step.

We stopped the bottle about a week and a half ago. We cut it out all together and kept giving him his formula using various cups. Ones with silicone straws and others with a wide flat silicone top. He’s also had it in simple basic plastic “sippy” cups. He fussed a bit the first few times, but he easily accepted it once he realized he would get the same end result.

We stocked up on formula a few months ago. I bought six cases figuring we might need one more before his first birthday. Not so. He went down to three bottles a day and therefore stretched his formula supply to last until the day after his birthday. Now he’s on homogenized fresh milk.

He also had his first birthday this past Sunday. We invited all of his cousins and his buddies from burps class. It was a nice little party. He got lots of toys and played nicely with his friends. He was quite excited to see the special gift we bought for him to enjoy with us… so much so that he almost freaked out trying to get out with only his diaper on. I dressed him up and took him for a ride right away. He loves it! I just wish it would warm up a little so we could play some more.

He also took his first step tonight… finally! He’s been standing for a while now, but would always plop down after a few seconds to a maximum of probably 30 seconds. Tonight I tried to get him to dance while standing and he looked at me sitting in front of him and stepped towards me. I jumped up and did my own little dance. It’s quite exciting and scary at the same time. I love to see him learn new things, but it means he is growing up.

The little guy is also building up a vocabulary. He says about 10 or so words, his favorites are Dad and… bike. If you bring him to our patio door and he sees our dirt bikes he gets all excited and starts saying bike bike bike. I bring him into his room and he looks for one of the bikes I have on his dresser and says bike. When we change him and he starts to get fussy we give him a mini Honda CBR600 that we keep in his changing table to to calm him down. If he sees my pocket bike in the basement he wants to have his way with it. I put him on it the other day and he leaned forward to press the yellow kill switch. He then decided to grab the throttle with his other hand and he started twisting his wrist. Freaked me out a little. I have a short video clip of him on the pocket bike that I’ll post soon.

All in all it’s a very exciting time here. We love the little guy and wouldn’t be able to explain the way he makes us feel to non-parents. It is truly amazing what someone so little can do for a persons outlook on everything!


Doctor’s Appointment

Our little guy had some X-Rays yesterday and saw the Pediatrician.

He had to swallow some barium so they could see what his system was doing with the food as he ate. It seems that the food enters his stomach properly but isn’t released into the rest of his digestive system as fast as it should be. Nothing serious as far as they are concerned and they figure he should grow out of it. He hasn’t thrown up since last Thursday so that gives us some hope. The pediatrician also said there are medicines available, but all medicines have side effects and he would rather we keep track of his progress for a while without any medicine. (Yay!!) He feels Nicholas is a very healthy little boy and is growing and hitting his milestones wonderfully.

The procedure was referred to as a GI and Nicholas had to lay on his right side while he drank the Barium and then his bottle. We could see what the x-ray machine was seeing and it was pretty neat to see the barium flow into his stomach. The techs were great and and very friendly. Nicholas did great as well for an 11-month old who had been fasting since the night before and was now being fed Barium instead of milk.

We went to Subway for dinner and Nicholas loved the Broccoli soup they had.


Enjoying the View


My boy in his wagon this morning. Enjoying the warm weather and the fresh snowfall.

Doctor’s Visit

Nicholas saw the Doctor today.

The little guy awoke at around 11pm last night. Very strange as he has been sleeping through the night for about 8 months now. We checked his temperature and he had a slight fever. We did our best to break it and we were successful with a bit of Ibuprofen and Acetometaphin. Unnfortunately Nicholas didn’t take too kindly to being brought out of his sleep.

Around midnight we decided to try and give him another bottle just in case he was hungry. He gulped it down like there was no tomorrow. We felt like tomorrow wouldn’t come at this point. Sometime around 1 am he was crying so hard in our bed that he decided to let his milk fly… in our bed. We cleaned that and I brought him out in the living room to play with some toys. At 2 am Siobhan got me to take Nicholas for a ride to put him to sleep. We drove for about a half hour and he seemed to be sound. I took him out of his seat and he quirked a little. I brought him into his crib and gently laid him down. All seemed good. A little after 3 am he woke up crying again. No matter what we tried he would not go to sleep. If we put him in his crib he would seem to settle, then start crying. When we would check on him he would be sat up, mad at the world because he still doesn’t know how to lay back down. At 3:30 am I did the dishes, just in case we had to leave with him and needed spare, clean bottles.

Sometime around 4 am Me and Nicholas headed down to play with the Curious George Website and I told Siobhan to go and grab some zzzz’s. He enjoyed that, talked back at George, hit the keyboard every chance he got and was in good spirits. Then we started watching our favourite movie, Cars. Again, that was good. After 20 minutes or so he started getting fussy with lying against me so I decided to try him in bed. We hopped into the spare bed and he immediately snuggled down. At last!

Sometime around 5:00am he started quirking… he tried sitting up. He was fussing so I helped him. Once he was sat up he laid flat on his face with his head towards the foot of the bed. Sound asleep. I crossed my fingers and shut my eyes again. 5:20 am he was up. Mad at the world again because he was on his face and couldn’t see what was going on. I helped him sit up and you could tell he was quite confused. Our basement bedroom is light blue with dark blue and blood red strips running up and down the walls. He looked at one wall and then another. Eventually he realized I was there, frowning and trying to see him without my glasses. This was about the same time he started crying.

We got up with him and tried everything in our power to help him feel better. Nothing worked. I was all fooled up, my eyes weren’t working properly and I felt like I hadn’t slept in a week. Siobhan tried to get some cereal into him for breakfast and he started his usual ritual of coughing and gagging so I went into the room to get his buddy, the stainless steel bowl. On my way out I hopped over the bed, still half blind, and ran into the door facing. Somehow I managed to make it out to Nicholas and drop the bowl under his mouth. He proceeded to throw up the little bit of cereal he had in him and I went wrangy. There were no if, ands or buts about it. We were heading to Grand Falls to see the doctor. I had read too much about GERD and Pyloric Stenosis to wait any longer to hear from our referral. At 9 am we were at the gas bar, filling up our CR-V, loaded with luggage for 3 or 4 days if necessary.

We got to the Hospital in Grand Falls and stated our situation. We were sick and tired of our little guy throwing up his meals. After waiting for about two hours we finally got to see a pediatrician. We explained everything to him and he looked Nicholas over and told us point blank that this little boy was not a sick child. He seemd to be very healthy even while having a little cold attacking him. He’s growing, learning and gaining weight. What we are experiencing seems to be a strong gag reflex. It should be gone long before he hits five years old, but may last longer. The only thing that we need to follow up with is a Barium swallow test to ensure that the esophagus is working good.

We fed Nicholas twice since then without issue… using pureed, watery foods.

Once we got home this evening the little guy seemed to be much happier. He played with his toys but still sooked us a little. We put him to bed tonight and he was upset for a few seconds before snuggling into his blankets. It’s 11:11 pm right now and so far, so good. Time for me to catch up on a few zzzzz’s myself.


Funny little man

A little video I wanted to share of Nicholas.

His Aunt Pheobe really got him going!


Some Nicholas Pictures!

I’ve finally gotten around to putting some more pics of our little man in the Gallery.

Here’s a few samples! Be sure to check out the rest.
Sitting on the R/C MXZ. He wants to be just like his Dad!
Sitting on the R/C MXZ. He wants to be just like his Dad!

Cool little dude!
Being cool with his new hat his Godfather gave him.

Not so cool after he tipped over outside.

The little guy is bouncing around all over the house. He’s sitting up in the crib all the time when we put him to bed and tearing the crib toys off to play with them instead of going to sleep. He’s a quirky little guy, and lots of laughs come out of him all the time.

Unfortunately it is not all good. He is having trouble with eating and throws up about half of his meals. Once today, twice two days ago, twice the day before that… etc. We took him to our family doctor today and he is going to refer us to a pediatrician again. We had him over to see the Pediatrician before and Nicholas was put on Ranitidine (Zantac) for 6 weeks or so. Things seemed to have gotten better so the Pediatrician told us to stop the meds and see how it goes. The problem is back… with a vengence. He eats just fine sometimes, but then other times he will start gagging on the food and eventually coughs until it comes up. Sometimes a little bit, sometimes a lot. It’s pretty heartbreaking to see. We have to keep a bowl nearby just in case. Sometimes he will go right back to eating, othertimes we give him a break and feed him a little later. He eats Cheerios by himself all the time as well as Baby Mum Mums and crackers (whole grain of course).

Nicholas is growing out of his clothes, but he is still a puny little guy. He is probably over 20 pounds now and will be 11 months tomorrow. We have his first birthday all planned and I bought a special gift for him and me to enjoy this summer! More on that in a month or so. 🙂

Gotta run now. Be sure to check out the rest of the pics!