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It’s a boy!

Siobhan went to St. John’s a few weeks ago to do some Christmas shopping with her sister Dana. A couple days before she left we phoned U C Baby to see if they would do a sex determination on a Saturday. No prob. She just had to be there at 4:00pm.

It’s a boy!

Her and Dana had an amazing experience. The lady who did the ultrasound told us that it looked like a boy. The baby is a bit further along then they recommend and is bigger and more squat in the belly, but they were able to see enough to make a educated guess that it’ll be a boy!

Nicholas enjoying the first bit of snow for the year

We had our first snowfall of the year a couple of weeks ago and Nicholas loved it.

Nicholas in the snow November 25th, 2008

Unfortunately, we haven’t seen much other then rain since. Oh well.