Targa Newfoundland

A few weeks ago Nicholas and I went to Gander for a night. The main purpose of our trip was to catch some of the Targa Newfounfland action.We got to Gander just in time to see the cars racing through the streets. We found a great spot to park so we could stay in the truck and see over the heads of the other spectators while we stayed nice and warm in the truck. Nicholas loved it, every car he saw he would ask, “Is that a Ford?” or “Is that a Corvette?” He loved it. After we were done with the racing we went to the Arena and checked out the car show. The little man loved it all. We took his picture with a bunch of car and he made sure to examine a bunch of them very carefully.  

Nicholas posing with a Lotus Exige  

Hopefully next year’s Targa will be just as much fun for us! 

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