Mommy’s gone away for the night!

This evening Nicholas and I had our Supper, a nice Prime Rib steak with some corn and a bread bun. After that we packed up our fishing rods and took the leftover corn and went fishing. A real man’s night!

We got to the little brook and Nicholas’ first interest was throwing rocks into the brook… undoubtedly the reason we never caught any fish. It wasn’t long after that he started watching his Dad fish and he grabbed up his rod and started “fishing”. We spent about fifteen minutes fishing together. I gave him some tips on how to cast his lure (with no hook) and then to reel it in. If there was a hook he would have lost it for sure with his slow reeling technique.

After this little bit of an adventure we went to hunt for a nearby Geocache. We found it without much problem (I was the one who hid it afterall) and we went through the contents. Nicholas was mainly interested in a pencil. I checked the logs to see who had signed it and then closed it all back up and we went on our way. Looks like I’ve got a real little buddy there!


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