The camper is sold

Our camper is sold. After two years of ownership ( the longest we’ve had any camper!) we finally sold this machine. We really didn’t have the time to use it, I hated hauling it (31 feet long from end to end) and I was sick of paying for a lawn ornament. One day we’ll have another camper, but it will be much smaller and lighter.

Final delivery of the camper

I had a fun time dropping it off. I picked up the new owner and we headed to the location where he wanted to park it. He started to guide me in the little road and I kept asking if she was going to make the turn. He kept telling me to come on. I watched the camper in my mirrors as it tilted more and more. I kept asking and he kept telling me to come on. Then she stopped. The truck couldn’t move her forward or back. He told me that he figured she would have made the turn but the two passenger side wheels ended up just in the ditch and the front and rear levelling jacks dug into the ground too far. Luckily he had a Bobcat front end loader down the road and was able to use it to lift the rear of the camper while I slowly moved forward. Some minor damage occured, but nothing serious. The jacks were bent back a little and his Bobcat damaged the diamond plate cover on the rear bumper.

On a side note, I sent this picture to my brother without any explanation and he thought the worst had happened. After he wrote me I looked at the picture and realized that it does look much worse then it was.


One Response to “The camper is sold”

  • Just Plain ole Dan says:

    Holy Jeez!!!

    When I first looked at the pic without reading it, I thought you went off the road while on your way to Botwood with it…..possibly at the construction site just pass Conne Pond!