SystemCare/WorldTech Systems Part 3

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The guys at SystemCare must have gotten tired of having their name dragged through the mud and have now changed their name. They might have a new name now but are following the same old script except they are “sending” me an MP3 player this time. Have a listen to the new WorldTech Systems.

It’s funny how they brag about their new 11.5 million dollar phone system, but they can’t even send out a couple of free samples of their LCD monitor wipe. I also found it weird that when we had a bad connection and they called back they had switched callers. The boys from SystemCare WorldTech Systems really need to learn how to take no for an answer. They try and try to get you to buy something and when you explain to them that you can’t they end up hanging up on you. Hopefully I’ll be prepared for their next call and I’ll finally ask them about the Sony Clock Radios, Portable DVD players, and MP3 players I’ve been promised over the past few years.


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  • Paul says:

    Hi Rene,

    These guys call me regularly too. I’ve asked them to stop calling me but they don’t. And…searches for a way to contact the company are fruitless.

    Oh well.

  • Ron says:

    I just got a call from a Ray Long with these guys… they’re trying to sell me a lot of 200 printer cleaning sheets for $3.59 a piece. Ha!
    The guy talks and talks and talks like a slick New Yorker, asks repeatedly if I can make purchasing decisions, and keeps up the hard sell, and when that doesn’t work, tries to sweeten the deal by saying he’ll bill me in 3 months.
    And when I finally tell him no, I’m not going to buy anything today, he says “I tell you what, I bet you don’t have the authority to buy a pencil” and hangs up.
    Lulzworthy, indeed.

  • Ryan M says:

    The one guy that called said his name was Jim Hart (like Jimmy Hart, the manager of the Hart Foundation in WWE wrestling) Really funny. They say that their catalogue is comparable to what Tiger Direct sells but they only push the 2 items, which are the useless screen wipes, which apparently they sell one canister for $47 and they sell these laser printer cleaning sheets which are also useless. They also keep saying that they have sent a MP3 player LOL . I actually look forward to having these morons call me, because it’s so humorous. It’s similar to those white van scam guys outside of plazas pretending to be selling $3,500 stereo systems, that their bosses dont know about, and they have to get rid of as soon as possible.

    People. Please dont fall for these morons. Also, being in the business dont accept free gifts ever. IF something sounds too good, it probably is. In the case of these idiots from World Tech or System Care, their products sound like garbage, and is from what I heard. Also, Jim Hart claims that they have a 11.5 million dollar phone system. a 11.5 millon dollar phone system would be comparable to what they would have in a company with more than 20,000 phones LOL They also have no website and no way of reaching them. They do a good job though at not disclosing company info, because no where on the net can you actually find these guys.

    Buyer BEWARE !!!!

  • terry says:

    Actually, i have dealt with this company and was satisfied with everything. The wipes do the job better than any I have seen,

  • Arnie L says:

    These guys had called me a few times and were a little pushy. However, I did develop a printer problem and when they called me in November I purchased 50 of their cleaning sheets. Delivery was prompt and the MP3 was enclosed (very nice one). The sheets worked like a charm and cleared up my problem. I have also found that use of the sheets on a regular basis gives me longer life to the toner cartridge-an added bonus. They have an office in Manitoba and I will buy these sheets again. Excellent product…far from worthless, as stated here on a previous comment.

    Arnie L
    IT Manager

  • Annoyed consumer says:

    HORRIBLE COMPANY!! When I told the caller I wasn’t interested in his products I received the reply “you must be the dumbest woman ever” and a “jerk”. This company is a fraudulant company. I bought the wipes over a year ago…not impressed, suppose to receive a free MP3 player, instead received a mug for some charity. Called to ask about the MP3 player, was told that it would be shipped seperately. Over a year…no MP3 player. This company needs to be shut down.

  • ip owner says:

    Jim Hart HA HA HA!!! He call’s me as Elliot Smith, same voice and same pitch. Buyer be Ware.

  • ip owner says:

    Have Some Fun!

    Worldtech Systems Inc
    2312 East 13th Street
    Brooklyn NY 11229
    1 (718) 513-6262

    Pays to have friends at AT&T

  • ip owner says:

    These guys have been just find except they keep sending more “stuff” that I ordered. I desperately need their shipping address I’ve called them numerous times they will not give me their shipping address all I get is there Po Box and that will not work to return merchandise to this company. I don’t think I’ll do business with them again however products been fairly good…just questionable business practices.


  • ip owner says:

    Products were a little pricy, but salesman was basically polite and service was prompt both times I placed orders. Like to thank Christian Alexander who promised me quick shipping, and he was correct. I’ll use them again