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SystemCare/WorldTech Systems Part 3

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The guys at SystemCare must have gotten tired of having their name dragged through the mud and have now changed their name. They might have a new name now but are following the same old script except they are “sending” me an MP3 player this time. Have a listen to the new WorldTech Systems.

It’s funny how they brag about their new 11.5 million dollar phone system, but they can’t even send out a couple of free samples of their LCD monitor wipe. I also found it weird that when we had a bad connection and they called back they had switched callers. The boys from SystemCare WorldTech Systems really need to learn how to take no for an answer. They try and try to get you to buy something and when you explain to them that you can’t they end up hanging up on you. Hopefully I’ll be prepared for their next call and I’ll finally ask them about the Sony Clock Radios, Portable DVD players, and MP3 players I’ve been promised over the past few years.


It was a Big Day in Conne River Yesterday

What a busy day. We had a local guy who signed up for the Armed Forces and they decided to use the occasion to do some advertising for new recruits. They brought in a wheeled tank-like vehicle and a huge helicopter and had them both on display. Anybody could hop aboard and explore the machines and ask questions.

Nicholas on the LAV3

 Photo by John Nick Jeddore

On top of the Armed Forces visit, CBC Radio had a live broadcast of the show On the Go from the Band Office. There were lots of interviews with locals as well as a number of musical performances by our youth. All in all it was quite an interesting day!

Amazon Needs a new suggestion system

I got an email this morning suggesting that I buy an Algebra book Because I bought a Baby Einstein numbers book. These books are obviously in different leagues. On top of that the email suggests that others who have bought or rated the Baby Einstein book have bought this new book… that’s not even released as of today. Come on Amazon, I’ve had some bad suggestions in the past, but this takes the cake!

Amazon bad suggestion

Edit: I received another one today. At least this one is available for purchase. 😉

Amazon Needs a new suggestion system 2