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We need more snow. It’s really hard playing around on the snowmobile with so little snow.

Broken MX-Z windshield

I started playing around in front of the house yesterday evening and went a little overboard. The MX-Z went up the hill and I held tight. When she hit the top she got some good grip and took off, with me hanging on. Up and over the snowbank, the only part of me touching the machine were my hands, gripping tightly. The machine hit the ground, I bounced off the windshield, literally, and then hit the ground. I’m ok, a couple of bumps, nothing serious, but now I have to buy a windshield. 🙁 Oh, and I had an audience. Siobhan was watching, but didn’t seem very happy. Her mom thought the snowmobile was gonna run me over and Nicholas was in awe. Oops.