Wow, what a downpour. It started late last night with lots of wind. Nicholas was up at 5 am and we’ve been up ever since. A little bit of water in our crawlspace but I think that’s taken care of now. The eavestroughs on our new house are done wrong and the entire amount of water collected by the gutters actually flows into one downspout and into our weeping tile. On top of that the gutters are mostly full of ice and all the water from the higher part of the roof is diverted to the lower part where it simply runs out over the lower eavestrough and comes right down the side of the house. As of this morning the downspout has been taken out of the weeping tile and a piece of plywood is diverting the water away from the house for now. As soon as I get a warm day I’m going to try and install at least one more downspout on the house.

Ditching a road

Unfortunately others are having even worse luck. Water is everywhere. Some pictures are in the Gallery. Heavy equipment is everywhere clearing out culverts and actually digging ditches across the top of some roads to help divert water. It’s a good thing Conne River is built on the side of a hill othewise we’d have a real hell of a mess!

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