New Nicholas Pictures… finally!

It’s long overdue but I have finally uploaded some new pictures of Nicholas in the gallery.

Our little boy is growing up fast. He putting sentences together, expressing ownership and learning new words and phrases all the time. It’s not strange to hear sentences like “Daddy read one book” or “The ball is in the tub.” He loves doing what we are doing and is very curious. He helped me put together some storage cabinets for our laundry room the other day and when I had a screwdriver, her had a screwdriver. When I hammered nails, he got his little toy hammer and helped me. He’s always helping Siobhan cook and enjoying taste tasting along the way. Not all of his curiosity and “help” is good though. Siobhan decided to paint the downstairs bathroom the other day… she left what she was doing while me and Nicholas watched some tv. He disappeared and was a little too quiet. When I looked for him he simply said, “water.” Too bad he was after dipping both of his hands into the paint can and made a mess of himself.

The last while has been quite an interesting time with the little guy. Right now he has decided that bedtime just isn’t for him. We are trying everything to get him to go to sleep without us having to be at his side… tonight is his first night in his toddler bed. No more crib! Yikes!!! He still had issues tonight, but during his 20 minutes of crying he never once left his bed. Hopefully that is a good sign… hopefully! In the past he went to bed, said, “night night” and slept until the next morning. I hope we get back to that again, soon.

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