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Letter to Santa

Nicholas wrote his letter to Santa again this year with a little help from his Dad.

Nicholas’ Letter to Santa 2007


Why did Nicholas chance his t’s and tr’s to f’s? So now trees are frees and trucks are …. Unfortunately, Nicholas really loves trucks, as well as clocks, which he started noticing a lot when he couldn’t pronounce the l. Do you have any idea of how many trucks and clocks are in this world? 🙂

SystemCare Part 2

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“SystemCare” called again. Still trying to sell their LCD monitor wipes and laser printer cleaning sheets. This time they promised me a portable DVD player to be here on the following Monday. That was two Monday’s ago and still no player. The next time they call I will be sure to inquire about the whereabouts of my player.

Click the play button to have a listen.


Looks like Nicholas has entered his “No” phase. Everything is answered with no. He even woke up the other morning saying, “no no no no no no…” Almost everything that comes from his mouth is no. Do you want some dinner? No! Come here. No! Can you say no? No! Fun times indeed!


Dell’s 12 days of deals are on!

I’ve had some good luck getting real bargains during these promotions!

Holiday 12 Days of Deals at Dell Canada! Starting December 3rd! Offer expires 12.14.07

Let it snow, let it snow…

It’s December 4th and we’re having our third decent snowfall of the year! We’ll have to wait and see if the usual patten of snow then rain starts, but so far so good! Nicholas loves staring out the window at the snow.

We finally got our Christmas tree put up last night. Looks good. All the lights came on! Now the real decorating begins.