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Happy Halloween!

Pumpkin Time

Some New Nicholas Pictures

I posted some new pictures to my facebook. They should be publicly viewable here.

Nicholas' first time in a plane

Pick up your signs, please!

It seems like the same thing every time there is an election. The candidates and their posse come around plastering signs everywhere. Once the election is over they don’t come back and pick up their garbage. Hey Tracey (and Elvis and the NDP guy) come and get your trash please. It really doesn’t make you look good having them left blowing around town.

Election Sign

Two Months ‘Til Christmas! (and a tired boy)

Wow, only two months left to go! We’ve got everything we want for Nicholas and more. Now we have to take care of the rest of our families.

Our little guy has an ear infection of some sort. We were up all night with him, literally! I figure he got about 4 hours of sound sleep… Siobhan probably got 6 hours and I think I got 2 hours. He had his 18 month booster shots two days ago and we figured he might have some side effects from those (i.e. restlessness). We also noticed he’s been digging his ears so we brought him to see the nurse today and she confirmed our suspicions. Ten days of medicine for the little guy and hopefully all will be good and he will start sleeping good again.



New blog!

Hi all!

I’ve been pretty busy picking at my website over the past few weeks. I have finally gotten it to this point and hopefully in the next few day my gallery will be nicely integrated with the blog page. There’s a lot of plans I have in my head and hopefully they will all come together soon.

I hope you enjoy!


P.S. Nicholas is still pooping in the toilet!