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Dirt Bikes

We finally got out for a dirt bike ride! Last night me and Siobhan jumped on our dirtbikes and after about five minutes of lessons we headed off. We covered about 8 kilometers on her first trip on a dirt bike and she only crashed once. She was quite a sport about it and was quick to sing out “I’m O.K.!”

Now that the bike works and Siobhan is pretty sure she enjoys it I have to start dressing it up a little. My nephew racked her up pretty good, but it’s all cosmetic. I figure that after a couple hundred dollars are spent the bike will be like new.


del Sol(d)

The time has finally come. I sold my 1993 Honda del Sol last week to a guy from Corner Brook. The car was my baby for over nine years and I’m gonna miss hopping into her and cruising on a nice day with the roof in the trunk. I did get one last cruise, all the way to Gander with the roof off on a nice sunny day. The guy picked her up and got her inspected. She passed with flying colors except for the couple of rust spots that he simply had to cover up.

She was was about the most dependable automobile on the road… After nine years of driving (plus five before I owned her), I only had to replace some bushings, two front wheel bearings (I didn’t have to, but it seemed like I could hear them), brakes and I replaced the water pump and timing belt as preventative maintenance. Other then that it was oil changes and add-ons that I wanted to put on the car.

We will miss the car, but the guy who bought her told us he will keep us posted on his progress with her and let us know if he ever decides to sell her. No matter what, Me and Siobhan would always smile when we got behind the wheel.


P.S. Sorry for the lack of updates, life’s gotten really busy lately. In a nutshell, Nicholas is a handful and we are loving every minute of it. He still isn’t walking but is starting to get brave. He climbs up and down steps with a little assistance. He’s learning how to get off the couch and had teeth popping up every other day it seems. He’s wacko over any bike or quad… maybe a little too nuts. Siobhan’s dirtbike is running thanks to Cory Davis and his magic tools! We are looking at a new house. We can’t wait to get some camping in this summer!

Dell Days of Deals starting Monday!!!

I have to share this. Dell often have great sales and they are coming up again. Ths below image should update next week starting on Monday and if you come back you can either see the sales in the image below, or click on it to go to their website.

Dell Canada Inc

An example of a past deal is a Logitech Cordless Keyboard and Mouse for $39.00 with a regular price of $89.00.

Be sure to check it out!