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Our little one year old!

A lot of firsts have been happening at the Jeddore-Keeping household lately. Nicholas has been done with the bottle for a couple weeks now. He finished his last can of formula the other day, he had his first birthday and he has finally taken his first step.

We stopped the bottle about a week and a half ago. We cut it out all together and kept giving him his formula using various cups. Ones with silicone straws and others with a wide flat silicone top. He’s also had it in simple basic plastic “sippy” cups. He fussed a bit the first few times, but he easily accepted it once he realized he would get the same end result.

We stocked up on formula a few months ago. I bought six cases figuring we might need one more before his first birthday. Not so. He went down to three bottles a day and therefore stretched his formula supply to last until the day after his birthday. Now he’s on homogenized fresh milk.

He also had his first birthday this past Sunday. We invited all of his cousins and his buddies from burps class. It was a nice little party. He got lots of toys and played nicely with his friends. He was quite excited to see the special gift we bought for him to enjoy with us… so much so that he almost freaked out trying to get out with only his diaper on. I dressed him up and took him for a ride right away. He loves it! I just wish it would warm up a little so we could play some more.

He also took his first step tonight… finally! He’s been standing for a while now, but would always plop down after a few seconds to a maximum of probably 30 seconds. Tonight I tried to get him to dance while standing and he looked at me sitting in front of him and stepped towards me. I jumped up and did my own little dance. It’s quite exciting and scary at the same time. I love to see him learn new things, but it means he is growing up.

The little guy is also building up a vocabulary. He says about 10 or so words, his favorites are Dad and… bike. If you bring him to our patio door and he sees our dirt bikes he gets all excited and starts saying bike bike bike. I bring him into his room and he looks for one of the bikes I have on his dresser and says bike. When we change him and he starts to get fussy we give him a mini Honda CBR600 that we keep in his changing table to to calm him down. If he sees my pocket bike in the basement he wants to have his way with it. I put him on it the other day and he leaned forward to press the yellow kill switch. He then decided to grab the throttle with his other hand and he started twisting his wrist. Freaked me out a little. I have a short video clip of him on the pocket bike that I’ll post soon.

All in all it’s a very exciting time here. We love the little guy and wouldn’t be able to explain the way he makes us feel to non-parents. It is truly amazing what someone so little can do for a persons outlook on everything!


Nicholas’ First Haircut

It was a sad day for Siobhan. She didn’t want her boy to lose his curls, but it had to be done. Nicholas had his first haircut on Saturday, April the 14th.


The was also the first day that he never had a bottle and he hasn’t had a bottle since. He was a bit fussy the first few times we tried to give him his milk from other cups but he has accepted it since then. We only have three cans of formula left and then he’s on to whole milk! It’s a scary thing to realize your baby is growing up!

My niece Carla also had her Christening last Sunday. She was wide eyed and quiet through the ceremony.


Afterwards me and Nicholas headed out to do some four-wheeling and we had some fun at that. The little guy really loves vehicles and anything to do with them. He always has a car or motorcycle in his hands pushing it around the floor and making vroom vroom noises.

Nicholas’ friend Jonah had his first birthday party on Wednesday. Nicholas pigged out on cheesies, onion rings, hot dog and a small piece of cake.

Nicholas will be celebrating his first birthday on Sunday with his cousins and a few friends. Hi actual birthday is on Tuesday. Scary stuff… again with the realization that he is growing up!

He hasn’t gotten sick during mealtime for over three weeks now and we are feeling pretty happy with that. We actually retired his “buddy”, the stainless steel bowl we kept on the table for his mealtime exploits.

I guess that’s it for now. I’ll be taking some pics on Sunday with my phone to upload to my Flickr photos so the action will be somewhat live.


P.S. It’s 13.9 degrees and sunny outside. I want to ride my bike but I won’t have a chance today!

SystemCare called again

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The guys from SystemCare finally called back again. I was able to record the call this this time. I never quite had things setup when they called so I put him on hold for a minute so I could start the program and fix the microphone. When I took him off hold the first thing I got to record was the most famous of “bad” words. It’s kind hard to hear it, but it’s within the first 2 or 3 seconds.

I simply went through his phone spiel this time, though I did get him to hang up on me at the end. Hopefully I’ll get to have a little more fun with them the next time around.


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Wedding preparations have begun!

Our wedding is planned for next summer but we have nothing really started yet. I just posted on the nf.general newsgroup for some loaction suggestions. The following is the message I left:

Hi all,

We are looking at getting married next summer and would like some suggestions.

What we want to do is “go away” to get married and come back home the following week for the reception/dance part.

By “go away” we mean that we want to leave our home town here on the South Coast and go to a nice, possibly secluded place where we can have our immediate families join us somewhere on the island of Newfoundland.

Some locations I have contemplated are Woody Island Resort and Blue River Lodge. Any other suggestions?

Some considerations we have in mind… She doesn’t want to have to do anything but be tended on and look pretty, and I agree. Hair and makeup, photography, cake, minister in an all inclusive package would be great.

Our guest list will be around 30 people including us. Almost half of those will be our nephews and nieces ranging from 1 year old to 17 years old and everywhere in between. It consists of 9 to 10 people/families who may want their own separate room(s).

The wedding is to be on a Saturday and the booking would likely be from Friday to Sunday for most. Possibly longer for some of us if it’s a good location with lots nearby for the kids to enjoy.

If you know of anywhere in Newfoundland and could share it with us I would greatly appreciate it. If you are a business owner and want to contact me feel free to do so.

My email is

I hope to be able to visit some locations this year before I make our final choice.

Thanks for your time!

Rene and Siobhan

If anybody has any suggestions they want to give us feel free to leave a comment (if the comments haven’t been turned off due to spam) or email us at

I will put up more information here as we figure it out ourselves.

The party the following week will likely be open to all of our relatives and friends that we have known over the years.


Doctor’s Appointment

Our little guy had some X-Rays yesterday and saw the Pediatrician.

He had to swallow some barium so they could see what his system was doing with the food as he ate. It seems that the food enters his stomach properly but isn’t released into the rest of his digestive system as fast as it should be. Nothing serious as far as they are concerned and they figure he should grow out of it. He hasn’t thrown up since last Thursday so that gives us some hope. The pediatrician also said there are medicines available, but all medicines have side effects and he would rather we keep track of his progress for a while without any medicine. (Yay!!) He feels Nicholas is a very healthy little boy and is growing and hitting his milestones wonderfully.

The procedure was referred to as a GI and Nicholas had to lay on his right side while he drank the Barium and then his bottle. We could see what the x-ray machine was seeing and it was pretty neat to see the barium flow into his stomach. The techs were great and and very friendly. Nicholas did great as well for an 11-month old who had been fasting since the night before and was now being fed Barium instead of milk.

We went to Subway for dinner and Nicholas loved the Broccoli soup they had.