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Somebody’s got some explaining to do

I went to do some plowing this evening and I saw this sight as I drove down Long Run.


More pictures are here

I wouldn’t want to be the one to try and get that machine out of there.


Nine Months old!

Our little man is nine months old today. It’s amazing how fast time flies! In the past week he’s finally gotten over his dislike for being on his belly. We can put him on the floor on his belly for extended periods of time now and he will play and slide all around the living room!

He’s got quite the personality, and almost every evening around 7:30 or so he starts getting silly. He laughs, giggles, talks gibberish and makes us do the same. He usually finishes his last bottle around 8 and then he goes to bed where he plays with a crib toy that Mark and Annette Hallett gave him for Christrmas. Sometimes he falls right asleep and other times we can hear him playing with the rattle on the toy for a half hour or more. He usually sleeps until 7 the next morning, but sometimes he wakes at 6:30 and there’s been a few 9:00 mornings.

Right now his cousin Brayden has some kind of stomach flu and is throwing up a bit so we are trying to prevent Nicholas from picking it up. It’s hard to do when they like putting some many things in their mouths.

I have uploaded a bunch of December pictures of Nicholas as well. They are in the Gallery!

Here’s a picture of Nicholas today as well as a video of him squirming around on the floor!


Quick Update

It’s been a while, so here’s a quick update…
-Gwen and Darren had their car ran into by someone a few weeks after they flipped their truck.
-We had a great Christmas!
-Nicholas loved his toys and played with them as well as the boxes.
-I got some great new toys, a pocket bike, and a Nintendo DS.
-I ended up having to get a DS (Pink of course) for Siobhan along with Animal Crossing.
-I also bought a M3 DS Simply and can chat using MSN on my DS.
-It’s cold outside, -18 the past two mornings, still very little snow though.
-I dented and tore the paint off our truck.
-Danny beat his truck up a little as well.
-Nicholas seems to finally be teething again after two months.
-I have the Snowbear Plow on the Dodge now.
-Our CR-V is getting louder everyday.
-Nicholas had his first sleepover without his parents at Aunt Gwen’s.
-TMX (Tickle Me Elmo Extreme) stopped working.
-Did I mention that it’s really cold?

I’ll try and get some more pictures online soon!


Introducing Carla!

My sister Naomi had her third child early this morning!



A couple more pictures can be found in the Gallery!