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The Night Before Christmas!

This is it. The big day is coming for our little man! Here’s a pic and a couple of videos from just before he went to bed for the nights. He seems a bit excited about the visit from the big guy tonight!

IMG_3102 (Small).jpg

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Rene, Siobhan and Nicholas!

Thanks for the Christmas Pictures!


We’d like to thank everyone for the wonderful pictures you included in your cards! We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

Rene, Siobhan, and Nicholas!

Nicholas’ First Letter to Santa


Santa came to town!

Nicholas had his first visit with Santa the other day at our Sanata Claus Parade. Despite being long overdue for his nap, Nicholas was quite happy to see ol’ Saint Nicholas! He got a little goodie bag with Apple Juice, Baby Cereal and, of course, a bag of Cheesies!


Thanks for the treats Santa! We can’t wait for you to visit next week!

Danny, Danny, Danny…

This is the last time that I let Danny borrow my truck!


It’s bad enough he can’t drive his own, but when he slides off the road in my Dodge Ram… well that’s another issue all together!

No damage or anything, just had to back into the ditch to get the front to slide down the hill. Once the truck was back on the road we never had a problem getting up the hill the second try.



Nicholas got a package in the mail

Nicholas got his first gift for Christmas in the mail today! Thanks Leah and Carter, he’s pretty curious about what he’s supposed to do with this package. 🙂


Missing Man’s Body Found

The long series of events leading up to the discovery of James Kim’s body has finally ended. James Kim and his family went on a weekend trip and ended up getting stranded on some country roads in Oregon. After seven days of waiting, and hoping to be rescued James took matters into his own hands and decided to go looking for help for his family. He left his wife and two daughters (four years, and seven months) with the car and headed out on foot. Two days later his wife and daughters were found, alive and well. James was finally found a number of days later, just a half mile or so from where his family waited.

This story really hits home with me as my son is seven months old. I can’t imagine what must have gone through the parents minds as they melted snow for water and ate berries, while Kati breast-fed both children to keep them alive and healthy. I have read some stories on how people say he should have just stayed with his family and car and I can understand what must have been going through his head. After seven days of hoping to be rescued, looking at your wife and two little girls suffering in the cold, burning the tires off of your car to stay warm at night I would want to do something myself. Too bad things didn’t work out for James. I truly feel for the family and I wish them all the best. I know he loved his family and wanted to do what was the right thing. When he used to do segments on TechTV with digital cameras he always had pictures of his wife and daughter (before his second little girl was born) to show off.

I wish the best for the family. I also know of a quiet little place here in Newfoundland where the press won’t be likely to find you if you need to get away from everything.

Satellite image showing James’ path he took on foot.

Inofrmation site setup by friends of James and Kati

Finally – a memorial setup by his employer, cnet.


Winter has arrived, and more Nicholas Pictures

Just a day after my last post we had a bit of snow fall. We then had more start falling 4 days later. We ended up with about a foot of snow overnight. The roads didn’t appear to have been salted and vehicles were slipping all over the place. My CR-V got stuck trying to get up our driveway and almost ended up in a ditch. Danny got his truck stuck on a couple times trying to plow with poor tires.

Danny... stuck yet again. He had to get a tractor to pull him out again this time

More snow pictures can be found in the Gallery!

I have also uploaded some new pics of our little man. Nicholas is growing up quick and I could take pictures of him all day long! No crawling yet, but he now has two teeth. He hops around a little on his bum and turns around all the time. He holds his own weight when he stands by grabbing onto my pointer fingers and walks all around like it.

Ready for a bath

It’s neat to see how fast he picks up on doing things and to watch him play. He seems to love books like his cousin Brayden, and he also seems to have Braydens appetite for eating them.

More pictures of Nicholas can also be found in the Gallery!