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Winter’s Coming

Since I am getting excited about the cold days that are starting to pop up I though I’d share this video I made a few years ago on a nice winter day.


A Christmas Tree for everyone

This just popped up in my inbox and I thought I’d share.

4 foot Christmas Tree

Print it off and decorate you office wall with it!



Da dy

After months of rambling on with ma ma ma ma da da da da I think we finally have an official first word from Nicholas.

Last night he was in his Mom’s arms playing with her hair and face and saying the usual ma ma ma ma ma ma da da da da da d ma ma ma ma na na na na na. I sat right on side of his Mom and asked him to say Daddy. He looked at me and said Da dy. πŸ™‚ It gave his Mommy cold shivers and almost made tears come from my eyes.


Why does “System Care” keep calling me?

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Time after time I get a phone call from these guys at “System Care” offering me LCD monitor wipes and laser printer cleaning sheets. It’s really starting to bug me. The phone call always starts the same, “Hi it’s Joe Schmoe from System Care, we’ve been referred to your company by HP (the last time they said HP and other manufacturers). yada yada. We have a Sony CD Clock Radio on the way to you, just don’t get mad if it wakes you too early… yada yada yada… is it the weather or the women… yada yada yada…”

I used to let them go a while before I would politely tell them I am not interested. Now the calls usually only last a minute before they hang up on me. I usually ask them who at HP referred us as we don’t have any HP equipment, they trip up in this one for a few seconds before hanging up. I ask them about their script and they get mad and hang up. I ask them why they are calling me for the third time today (the same person on their end!) and they get mad and hang up. I ask them to take this number off of their list and, you guessed it, they hang up on me. For some reason they keep hanging up on me. Don’t they want to make a sale?? πŸ˜‰

If I had to guess, the first call was over a year ago. I am still awaiting the arrival of my many CD clock radios.

System Care, or Systemcare, or whoever you are, stop calling me!


P.S. I have a mic setup next to my phone, hopefully the next time they call I will be able to get a recording of their frustration before they hang up on me. πŸ™‚

We have Teeth!

Nicholas has started showing his pearly whites! His first tooth popped through late last week, and his second one followed this past Tuesday. He’s been playing with them with his tongue and I have even seen him playing with them with his fingers.

The little guy is growing up right in front of us. It truly is amazing how fast he starts doing stuff once he does it the first time. He’s turning off lights for us now, playing with all kinds of toys and really gets entranced by Kids CBC, especially Lunar Jim. On Sunday morning me and Siobhan watched “Just Friends” from start to finish with Nicholas sitting on the floor playing with his toys and talking to us. His evenings are still a little tough as we have so much to do after we get off of work and he usually starts getting tired around 7pm. We try to get him into the bath at that time, give him a little play time in the water and then feed him some cereal and a bottle of milk before he hits the sack. When he does get to bed we don’t usually hear anything out of him until around 7 to 8 the next morning. Even then he just wakes up and plays with his feet until we get him and we are always greeted with a big smile.

Siobhan went back to work on the 6th of November and her mother is babysitting both Nicholas and his cousin Brayden. Things are going great, Brayden really seems to love his little cousin and plays well with Nicholas.

I also have some Halloween pictures up in the Gallery. check them out here.

How not to four wheel drive!

Danny, Danny, Danny.

When are you going to learn how to drive according to the conditions?