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Happy Halloween

Click the picture for some new pictures of Nicholas!

Here’s our pumpkins! Me and Siobhan spent an hour or so the other night carving them. We then lined the openings with parchment paper and stuck in a coil of red led rope lights that we have for christmas. Looks really nice and no flame to worry about!



This is a good one for all the parents out there


Someone emailed me this and I thought I’d share it with whoever reads my blog. I don’t know who put this together, but someone has a great mind to think of all this!


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Hey, what happened to my movie?

I had a phone call this past weekend while we were doing our Christmas shopping in St. John’s. My sister Gwen called us to tell us some news. The night before, Gwen, Darren and their two children were in an accident. They hit water and hydroplaned across the Trans Canada Highway, near Norris Arm. Darren almost managed to recover when they hit the dirt shoulder and the truck hooked in and stared rolling. They figure they rolled three times. Gwen can remember the first time she saw the ground through her window, then the next time the window broke. The third time the mirror smashed off. The truck stopped, in the ditch, on all four wheels. Gwen checked to see if everyone was all right and her son’s first comment was, “Hey, what happened to my movie?”

Everyone was fine. They all walked away from the crash with minor bumps and scratches. It makes me sick to think of what could have happened, and how lucky they were. They are out a truck, but they are all fine… and Darren’s excited about getting a new truck now! Too bad he can’t wait until the New Tundra is out in 2007. Judging by how their truck survived and how they all came out of this I am seriously thinking about the new Toyota Tundra for us when our lease is up!


Interesting Video

I thought this was quite an interesting video…


Another Nicholas Video

You never know what will come out of your child’s mouth!


Pics of the war and Marijuana in Afghanistan

I was just sent a link to a Yahoo! news story about 10 foot Afghan marijuana plants and I figured I would let people see some more from Afghanistan. Siobhan’s childhood friend Dwayne is over there now and his family setup a small site with some pics, including some large marijuana plants.

Go here to view!


A couple of Videos

Thought I’d put a couple more videos online.
Here’s Nicholas enjoying Dancing!

And me on a trampoline.

Wedding Pictures

I finally have some updated pictures on my blog. We had a bunch of weddings this past summer and with the little guy around it has been hard to get some pictures online. Last night I took an hour or so and uploaded a bunch.

The first wedding was Donald and Natasha. We couldn’t stay around too long as we only had a babysitter for a few hours. I only got a few pictures at this wedding.

The second wedding we went to was Quentin and Judy’s. These pics were uploaded a while ago but I forgot to post about them. Congratulations guys. I wish I had more pics, but I left the camera home for the wedding ceremony, which was outdoors and really nice.

The third wedding we went to was Tim and Chrissy’s. They got married down South and came home to celebrate. They had a reception at the Vancor on Thursday night and a party at the Kelly Ranch the next night. It was a good time.

The Saturday night following Tim and Chrissy’s party we were also invited to another wedding reception. Kevin and Dena also got married down South and then came home to party. Unfortunately we never got to make it to this reception as we were pooped from the last two nights and we had to leave town early the next morning. I dropped over and chatted with Kevin for an hour or so before the reception started. They had the Legion decorated with palm trees and everything. I think we missed a good time, but those are the sacrifices you have to make sometimes. Kevin and Dena came by our house the following week after we had got back home and visited for a while.

In August we had another wedding. Craig and Andrea came home from Alberta and got married. We hauled our camper to St. Alban’s and set up in the Legion parking lot for this one. It was pretty convenient having a bed and a fridge in the parking lot of the reception. Thanks to the people living next to the legion for letting us use their electricity!

Our last wedding of the year was Danny’s and Angel’s. This was a big one for us as it was held in Grand Falls-Windsor and I was standing for Danny. Siobhan was also asked to stand but had to turn it down as we figured it would be difficult for us both to be standing while having a five month old with us. It was a nice wedding. The pictures came out nice with the fall colors in the background. Unfortunately we all almost froze while getting them taken. It was cold and a little windy. The reception was perfect for us as our room was about a 30 second walk from the reception and it made it really easy to look after Nicholas and to take turns between watching our boy and being at the dance.

Congratulations everybody! And just a little advance notice to anybody who might be reading… Siobhan and I have a date set for our wedding as well. August 2nd, 2008. There will be more details on this in the near future as we figure out how we are doing it and where!



Our little man is growing like a weed. He’s rolling all over the place and even lifts his butt like he’s trying to crawl. Not quite sitting on his own yet, but he trys… and then lands on his face after a few seconds.

We are trying to get him to hold his bottle on his own, which he is having a bit of success with. He laughs at us and as far as I am concerned he is saying Mom, though I think Mom is still in disbelief.

He also seems to be teething and we found out he has a bladder infection. It’s a minor infection and we only caught it by chance, but it is there and he is on medication for it. The teething has been rough on him, he crys, and is always sticking his toys and fingers in his mouth… sometime a little too deep and he ends up losing some of his meals. To add to that problem the medication he is on causes loss of appetite and nausea and vomiting. We have to work a little harder to get his milk into him and we’ve had to stop feeding him solids (on our Doctor’s advice). He’s only really lost his lunch once. I actually had to take his high chair apart and bring it outside to hose it down!

When we had the visit to the pediatrition he suggested a water sample whenever we got a chance. How do you get a water sample from a five-month old? You stick a little sterile baggie on him that has a hole in it surrounded by tape (available at your local clinic). Put on the diaper and hope for the best. After three samples we confirmed a small water infection so the doctor prescribed him some Novotrimel. Now we have ten days to deal with the poor little guy not wanting food.

The teething issue is another thing altogether. He slept good last night, but the two nights before he was congested and very sooky. He slept for an hour or two at most before we had to go and calm him down. It was hard. A pacifier usually helps him relax, but when he can’t breathe through his nose a pacifier really doesn’t help things. We had to use a suction thing a few times that night to help clear him out… and he really doesn’t like that device. We had him looked over yesterday and he doesn’t seem to have a cold or flu. Teething can bring all sorts of symptoms with it and poor little Nicholas is not enjoying it.

On the bright side, during the times when he is unhappy, a smile can be brought to his face at almost any time. Gotta love that!

I also have a new found respect for single parents. Siobhan and I have each other at all times, but those people who are raising kids alone really have their work cut out for them! I can’t imagine it!



P.S. Nicholas really doesn’t like carrots!