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More Nicholas

Nicholas is growing up quickly. It’s amazing the changes that can take place so quickly in a little boy. He has gotten over the rough evenings. He talks to himself in his crib instead of waking up and crying for attention. He laughs and smiles whenever he sees me and Siobhan. He started rolling around and can be found almost anywhere in his crib when we check on him. He eats his cereal and drinks his milk. He found his first Geocache with me the other day. He’s turning into a real little boy, really fast!

First Geocache

I have added more pictures in the Gallery.

I hope you enjoy the pics! We really enjoy taking them! 🙂


Time to eat!

Looks like our little man is growing up! After a quick visit to a pediatrician last week we decided to start Nicholas on cereal sooner then we planned.

Nicholas had been having a lot of rough evenings every since he was born. He finally stopped this about two weeks ago… the day after I received a $25 bottle of super gripe water from the states. He had the new gripe water one evening and he hasn’t had a rough evening like he used to since. Either it worked wonders, it scared him, or he just finally grew out of it. My vote is on number three, but it makes you wonder!

We brought him to see a pediatrician and he told us that Nicholas seemed to be a happy, healthy, baby boy. We asked him about his previous evening issues and he told us exectly what we felt it was. The little guys system was slowing down in the evenings and causing him gas pains and he had a hard time dealing with it… this is something they usually grow out of by three months or so. It took Nicholas a little over four months.

When we discussed cereal with him he asked us why Nicholas was not on it already. We told him that everyone is now recommending waiting until six months old. He would have nothing to do with that and told us we could give him cereal up to four times daily.

Nichlas had his first cereal on Monday evening. He seemed to like it, but he also seemed to think it was his bottle at first and started sucking on the spoon. He got used to the spoon really quick though and now he has cereal two times a day. So far so good!

I have two videos to share. The first one is Nicholas’ first feeding on the evening of Sept. 11th, 2006 and the second video is his feeding the next morning.


Another day, another baby!

It seems that a lot of my generation are having babies these days. I got an email from an old friend the other day. Susanne Kearley (now Doyle) and her Husband had a little girl on August 16th.

I also received an email from another friend of mine. Kerri Kendell (now Lewis) and her Husband had their little girl on August 27th. (I’m guessing the 27th based on the date stored in the pictures I was sent, please correct me if I am wrong!)


I also forgot to mention another birth. Craig (Siobhan’s neighbour from Ramea) and Nancy also had a little girl recently!

Congratulations to you all! I hope you enjoy your time with your little ones as much as I do with Nicholas!