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Nicholas and Brayden cruising

Here’s a little video showing Nicholas at 4 months cruising around with his Cousin Brayden who is 2 years and 3 months old.

Brayden had his Hummer H2 Power Wheels for a while now and wouldn’t drive it. Once he discovered that Nicholas could get in with him he started driving all around and he wanted Nicholas to be in the passenger seat with him.

Some pictures can be found in the Gallery.


First Frost!

I hope I don’t jinx the winter this year by showing off the first frost. Last year, the first time we saw frost was September 29th. This year, August 28th! I refuse to get excited about winter though. Last years frost was earlier then most and we never had much of a winter at all!



Here’s another Nicholas Video

This one’s from two months ago. Nicholas was only two months old. We were driving to St. John’s and the poor little guy couldn’t decide what kind of mood he was in.

This one is well worth watching!


Some more pics of our little guy!

Nicholas is four months old today. He’s getting taller and bigger all the time.
He rolled over for the first time a few days ago and he has been sleeping through the night for a couple of weeks.

He had his four month needles yesterday and he didn’t like it very much, but he seems to have recovered well and his legs don’t seem to be bothering him.

It’s amazing how much he’s learning. He’s picking things up, playing and examining everything. When he wakes in the morning he can often be found examining his hands and talking loudly. When he sees someone first thing in the morning it doesn’t take much to get a big smile and maybe even a laugh out of him.

Dirty diapers aren’t so bad. He usually one has more really dirty diaper per day. It smells like crap (literally) but it isn’t too bad.

Unfortunately he des have his moments when he gets upset. A lot of evenings we can be found trying to comfort him while he screams, burps, farts and screams some more. Gas seems to be his number one enemy. Loud sounds often scare him as well as new people getting close to his face.

I have posted some more pics in the Gallery. You can find them here.

Another friend with a baby!

I kept forgetting to post it here but I finally got a chance. Roland and Gwen Collier had a little baby girl on August 3rd, 2006. Click here for some pictures of Jordan Elizabeth Collier!

Congratulations guys!

New Nicholas Video

Something new I am trying… thanks to Google Video!


New toys at the Jeddore/Keeping household!

I think I finally have all the toys I want. Next it’s time to start buying them for our little man!

A few weeks ago I decided to buy my Nephews dirtbike for Siobhan. It’s a Suzuki DR-Z125L. It should be more then enough for her to beat around on. It needs a little work, a couple bearings are shot, the rear axle is bent a little and the carb was full of crap. My brother cleaned the carb out for me and got the bike running. I have bearings on the way and the axle might be still usable. I don’t have any pictures of the bike yet (*GASP*) but you can be sure to find them here soon enough!

Last Sunday we took a trip to Stephenville to bring Siobhan’s parents out there and to check out a sport bike that someone was selling. I have been looking all year for the right bike for me. I wanted something yellow, green or orange, 600 ccs, at the right price point and I wasn’t buying a new bike. I had found a few bikes, but they were either more then what I wanted to spend, or they were sold before I got a chance.
I finally found a yellow 1999 Honda CBR600 F4 in Stephenville that met all my wants. We got to Stephenville and I drove the bike back to Siobhan’s uncle’s house that evening with lots of smiles on my face! The next day I drove the bike from Stephenville to Grand Falls without a problem.

Pictures of the CBR600 can be found in the Gallery!

1999 CBR600 F4

Next year I am guessing we’ll start seeing mini-sized “toys” in the yard for the little man in the house!


New Nicholas Pics online

Hi all!

Just back from some vacation time and I have some new pictures of our little man in the Gallery


More pics and posts to come tonight or tomorrow!


Peter Stride’s Lake

We had our first trip to the cabin at Peter Stride’s Lake since Nicholas was born.

It was a beautiful week and we had lots of fun. The weather was great and Nicholas had his first ride on a quad and he finally got his feet dirty. We also found out that he loves to watch the Canadian flag flying in the breeze.

While there we all had a Christmas in July party for Ivan and K, who were in Alberta working this past winter and missed Christmas at home. There were gifts for the kids, and lots of food and drinks for everyone.

Pictures of our trip can be found in the Gallery.