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More Pictures of Nicholas

I put some more pictures in the gallery on Saturday night. They can be found here.

We have also found out just how expensive it can be to have a kid. Sometimes you feel that you need more space and we decided that we did need more space.

Nicholas was baptised on Sunday. He was a wonderful little boy. Not a peep out of him. He slept through it all except when the water hit his forehead… he jumped, but he never started crying at all. His little tux fitted him nicely and he had most of his cousins and aunts and uncles visit him afterwards for a piece of cake. Some pictures from that can be found here.



5 and a half weeks old

It’s been an interesting time these past weeks. Nicholas is growing like a weed. We already have a box of clothes started with clothes that are too small for him. He’s spent the last two nights in his own room in his own crib, and we have introduced the bottle to him with both breast milk and formula.

Nicholas usually feeds at 9 pm and hits the sack by 10 to 10:30. From there we don’t usually hear from him until around 3 am, but this morning it was 4:15. After he fed, crapped and went back to sleep he woke again around 7 am. Same drill but this time we put him in bed with us (we do this pretty much every morning!) I had the day off work so Siobhan left us in bed and We finally woke again a little after 10! What a sleep!

My friend (and Nicholas’ future Godfather) Cory left this morning at 6:30 in my truck. He headed into St. John’s to pick up a motorcycle for himself. He bought a 1996 Kawasaki Ninja ZX7R. I took it for a couple rides this evening (about 20 kms worth, Cory had only gone 3 kms at that point) and I can’t wait until I find myself a bike.

As I mentioned above about Cory being the future Godfather, I just want to let everyone know that Nicholas’ Baptism is on June 18th, Father’s Day! Cory Foster is the Godfather, and Dana Keeping is the Godmother. Hopefully Nicholas will approve of these choices! 🙂

I must run now, got to try and get some sleep. I’m trying to build a fence and Cory brought home a screen house for me today so now I should be able ot get some work done without the flies trying to carry me away!