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New Nicholas Pics

Hey all, it’s been too weeks of waking up throughout the night, changing dirty diapers and then going to work in the morning. It’s a tough job but we love to do it!

Nicholas is growing like a weed. Almost two weeks ago he was 9 pounds and 13 ounces (7 11 when born) and we figure he’s going to be around 11 pounds by the weighing this Wednesday. We already have a box of clothing started with stuff that he’s outgrown.

Yesterday evening was the first time I fed him. Siobhan pumped off some breastmilk for him and I finally held him while he fed. It was a wonderful feeling. Tonight we tried him with Formula for the first time. He usually eats around 9pm and then again at 3 am (his longest span throughout the day) so we are trying him on formula for the 9 pm feedings. Hopefully his little system deals with it ok.

We also took him on our first road trip on Friday. We had to go to Grand Falls to get his pictures and our (first) family portrait done. He was a great traveller. He joined us at Subway for his first dining out experience (Scallop and Bacon sub… not bad, but not something I would have again). We then sat at the McDonald’s parking lot enjoying milkshakes while he was feeding. We definatley need more space when travelling with him. The truck would never cut it for a weekend trip unless the weather was nice and we could use the box (or the camper is in tow).


I must run now, I can hear him snoring on the monitor and I feel like joining him. Good night all! Hope you enjoy the pics!!


P.S. New pics can be found in the usual spot.


The little guy sleeps pretty good for a three week old (today!), but it’s still hard to get up in the mornings to go to work after being up with Siobhan during the night a couple of times.

I have put some more pictures in the Gallery that were taken during the babyshower as well as a bunch taken during the past week.

We had him outside with us for a few hours over the weekend. The weather has been excellent and we are glad he is getting used to being outside. We can’t wait until the nights warm up and we can try camping with him (probably in the yard first so we can escape to the house if the camper is not suitable for him).

Gotta run now,


11 Days old!

Our little guy lost his belly button thingy yesterday evening. That was a bit of a relief as it was rubbing on his belly and made a little sore spot. Nothing got infected though as we were using Polysporin on the spot to help keep it clean.

It’s been an interesting time so far. Nicholas sleeps a lot. He wakes up two to four times every night for feedings and so far his Mom is doing a wonderful job of looking out for his needs and I am trying my best to juggle work, sleep and diaper changes.

I put some more pictures in the gallery this morning. It’s funny how many people are asking me for more pictures… even when they come to visit us and have seen and bathed the little guy. Hopefully I can satisfy their demands… there’s definately no lack of pictures of him.

Gotta run now, I wish I was off of work with Siobhan and Nicholas, but we have to pay the bills somehow!