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Our baby wants out! (and pictures from last year)

We had a prenatal appointment on Tuesday. All is growing great! The little one wasn’t too happy about being picked at and decided to fight back. Poor Siobhan!

I have also updated the gallery with some pictures form a trip to McCallum that me, Rodger and Jackie had on our personal watercraft. They can be found in the gallery.


It’s trying to escape!!!

The little one is trying hard to get out before its time! Poor Siobhan’s little belly is stretching and moving all over the place.

We are on our way to Grand Falls for hospital tour today… hopefully I will figure out a good place to fall when I faint during delivery.

We are also donating all of Max’s food, treats, beds and toys that we are not keeping to the SPCA today. Lots of pups over there that will get good use out of it and while Max didn’t like most other dogs, we do, and we think he’ll be glad to see it’s all still getting used. We are still keeping some of his things around and one bed for Dana to use whenever she gets a dog in the future. It is a nice bed, we found it at a couple of years ago and Max loved it. Hopefully the future family dog will love it as much.

Anyways, gotta run!


The Nursery

In an attempt to help us cheer up I have put up some pics of the nursery in the Gallery!

I have also gone through some pics of our Max and uploaded some last night. I found it helped to cheer me up to see how spoiled of a dog he truly was! Those are in the Gallery as well!



P.S. Just 3 more weeks until the due date… Yesterday my stomach was in knots over Max, and then at our prenatal visit I had butterflies from thinking about the baby! A very weird combination of sorrow and joy!


Snowmobile Ride to Mount Sylvester

I had a nice ride to Mount Sylvester on Sunday. The Band Council’s Economic Development Department sponsered a ride into the mountain and back. They also had a planned stop at one of the Band’s Hunting Lodges where we all enjoyed soup, sandwiches and Hot Dogs.

It was a nice ride on a great day. Unfortunately Siobhan couldn’t go with me (due in 5 weeks) but I did get my pal Cory to join in the ride.

We spent about 7 hours on the trails and travelled about 120 kilometers. My Polaris Trail Touring DLX 550 fan burned 23 liters of gas for the whole trip.

Pictures can be found here.

New ultrasound picture and more

We had a visit to St. Alban’s for the final ultrasound today. Looks like the baby is in the head down position and all systems are ready to go. Just five short weeks left before the due date and I’m starting to get a little antsy!

I’ve finally gotten back into the gallery update thing again! If you click the ultrasound picture above it will bring you into our baby’s gallery!

I have also added pictures of our snowmobile trip last weekend. They are available here.


Baby Furniture and a new Belly shot!

We finally picked up the Baby’s furniture yesterday after receiving a call from the trucking company that they had a big shipment for us from IKEA. We brought it home and I started working on it right away.


No more pics of the furniture until it is all assembled and the nursery is complete!