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Happy New Year

Well, the big guy came and left again. Lots of new toys left behind here. Me and Siobhan woke up at four am and couldn’t get back to sleep anymore so at five we finally got up and started ripping open our gifts. Max had a little fun with his as well. I can’t imagine what it’ll be like next year with a little one crawling around!

We had a wonderful white Christmas with lots of snow to plow and shovel. You wouldn’t say it now though. Just two days ago my family was at our house and my nephews and nieces (and me) were out sliding on the hill behind the house. Since late that night the snow we had has become non-existant. We went from having four nights during Christmas where the temperature got below -10 and even went so low as -14.3 Celsius. Yesterday it was back up to 10 degrees.

Tonight is another celebration so we just want to wish everyone a wonderful Happy New Year.

Later now, time to start celebrating.

Rene and Siobhan

Cold Night last night!

The temperature started dropping pretty quickly last evening. When I went to bed it was at -11 C. I checked the memory this morning and it had hit -14.1 C sometime during the night! The bay totally froze over right up to St. Alban’s and across to Morrisville. I hope this is a sign of things to come. It also looks like we won’t be having rain on Christmas day now…. keeping my fingers crossed that we have somewhat of a white Christmas!

We’re all off work now. Marshall and Gertie are here for Christmas and Dana and Steve will be home by tomorrow. Just waiting for the big guy now and taking it easy for a bit.



Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everybody!


It’s getting close now and we are all excited about the visit from the big guy in just a few more days.

Siobhan’s belly is growing uncontrollably and we can even see it move at times. Kinda scary knowing something is growing inside of her!

We had a big snowfall a couple of weeks ago. Nearly a foot of the fluff fell. I got to take my snowmobile for a little ride around the house. Then it rained for a week. Oh well, can’t win them all. The weather is nice and crisp again now and looks like it might hold through until Christmas Day.

Gotta run now, and if I don’t get a chance to say it again, Merry Christmas!!!

Rene and Siobhan

What a wonderful feeling…

I finally felt the baby the other day. He (or she) was kicking away and Siobhan took my hand and put it on her belly. Within seconds I had felt a soft, quick push against my palm. Wow… just a little something I had to share with the world.


Something’s growing

Looks like Siobhan’s belly is growing out of control!


This picture was taken on the 2nd of December and we are getting pretty antsy about having a little one underfoot in April.

I set Siobhan up on a gift registry for the baby the other day at Hopefully she will start adding things she needs or might want for the little one soon.

Hope you all like the belly growth… I’m getting more excited then I ever thought I would!