Getting colder!

We’re definitely starting to get excited now!
This was the temperature reading on our thermometer this morning!

And outside I managed to get enough frost scraped up to make a snowball. Unfortunately Sio is recovering from the flu so I couldn’t throw it at her. πŸ™


Soon….. πŸ™‚

Some more pics from this morning in my Gallery.

2 Responses to “Getting colder!”

  • Mr. Big says:

    what’s going on man….how come there haven’t been any new pics or updates on your web page??? it’s been almost 3 weeks now. how about some “halowen” pics?

    Dan πŸ™‚

  • Old Bro says:

    Hay Bro. I must have missed this one but try this, 18 Oct 2005 a cool -22 pushing -32 with windchill. Using snowmobiles but almost too little snow with the rocks sticking out. Got a saunna here with a hole in the ice for cooling off. Great camp. Pix’s on request.