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I think all is good now….

I hope it is anyways. My webhost has changed ownership and in order to discard the awful name the old hosts had gotten for themselves they moved over to a new name/corporate identity. What was is now My problem was that they had my old, no longer working, email address on file and all their communication attempts failed. I lucked into a contact the other night and he led me in the right direction.

I have been online with’s tech support for many many hours late into the nights to try and get everything working again. I am so far pleased with their level of response but I won’t be giving any recommendations for a while yet. πŸ™‚

Anyways, I hope you can all enjoy my Gallery again. I have updated it to a newer version and changed the color scheme to freshen things up a bit.



Gallery Troubles again…

It seems my webhost has hosed my gallery installations yet again. I have a trouble ticket into them but no response yet. Not looking good right now. I may have to start moving over to a new webhost shortly.

Hopefully everything will stay the same when I move. Time will tell.


Happy Birthday Siobhan!

Happy 27th to my girl!

Love you!!!

Mark and Annette’s Wedding!

Finally, I am getting caught up. I sorted through all the pictures I had of this great wedding and I managed to narrow it down to my top 189. πŸ™‚ It would have been more but there were some pictures that I wouldn’t put online because it might cause some embarrassment to those involved and their families.

This was a great wedding celebration. For me and Siobhan it lasted a full 5 nights with our friends. Some of whom I haven’t seen for years (Gregg, Brad, Vanessa, Joanne… etc) and some who I have seen more recently. We all had a great time right down to the final festival night at Mark’s parents house. We had a Buddy Wasisname impersonator (wicked job!) and singing and music. Mark and Annette had spent a fortune on booze and everyone was in a good mood. The sun shone all day and we had a great game of Croquet (our rules, not the official rules) as well as a Washer tournament. 12 mainlanders (CFAs) were screeched in by Mark’s uncle Dave.

Personally I’d like to thank Judy Willcott, the Greens, and the Hallets for letting us setup our camper by their houses. I’d also like to thank the parents of the Bride and Groom for their hospitality to us and all of Mark and Annette’s friends and family. The Hallett’s house felt just like it did when it was full of us as teenagers when the Halletts were out of town. Good job!

Mark and Annette, Congratulations on the wonderful wedding. We both wish we were going on the cruise, we’ll be thinking of you guys when we are here, camping, on the Rock. Hopefully we’ll make Remberance Day work out and we’ll join you guys for a weekend up there.

And finally… the pictures!


Olivia and Barry’s Wedding Pictures are now online.

I managed to get another bunch of pictures up today. Olivia Collier and Barry Joe got married on July 29th, 2005. Here’s a bunch of pictures from that wedding.


P.S. My Gallery still isn’t operating at 100% so if you have difficulties, you’ll just have to wait. πŸ™

My first Widget (and gallery seems to be working again!)

Here’s my first Konfabulator widget…

NL Highway Cameras

Also, after a series of messages back and forth with my website hosting provider they have fixed the problems that cause my Gallery not to work. Things seem to be running fine again now! Enjoy!


Gallery troubles

I don’t know what’s going on with my picture gallery. It’s all there, just not working right now. Seeing as how it’s summer and I don’t have the time or desire to troubleshoot it right now it will stay down for a little longer then I would like. Hopefully something happened on the server side and it will fix itself.

I’ll keep you posted if it gets fixes anytime soon.

We got a good friends wedding this weekend so I definately won’t be sitting at the computer for a few days!