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Geocaching meets Google Maps!

After hearing about how someone interfaced Craig’s List with Google maps I got curious. My searches led me to this site and I am not disappointed.

With FireFox I have my “links” toolbar made visible and they on the top menu line where the normal ‘File’, ‘Edit’ etc. are located. I followed the advice on the site above and I dragged the url necessary to my links toolbar. Now when I vew a GeoCache (i.e. Deadman’s Cove Coastal Trail Cache)
I can click on a link in my links toolbar and the Google Map opens in a new teb. Beautiful! One more click and I have a satellite image that I can view as well.

Next we need a Google Maps trick to view all GeoCaches!

Thanks for the tricks guys!

Busy, busy, busy…

Non-Stop these days!

We had another weekend at Peter Stride’s Lake at the Cabin two weekends ago. Too bad the weather sucked. We got there in the rain and it was mostly cold for the rest of the weekend. We brought our camper along to crash in but the weather wanted us to stay in the cabin. On one of the nights (June 19th) the temperature actually dropped below zero. We also brought along our dirtbikes but never got to use those much either because the weather sucked so much.

After getting back from that trip on Tuesday I had a message on my answering machine asking me if I wanted to go to Goose Bay for a 1-day conference on tele-health. I jumped at that offer of course and had a good little hectic trip out of it. I was back in Conne on Friday.

Saturday we headed to Gander for the day. A good friend of ours had a little boy and Siobhan really wanted to visit them and we browsed through a few campers to see if anything tickled our fancy.

Sunday was another busy day. Pretty much all of my family dropped by for a big BBQ and get together. The kids roamed around outdoors and played in the sprinkler until they got too cold. I spent two and a half hours cooking the meat and the last visitors left at 11:30 pm. We were beat and crashed right away. Too bad we had to go to work this morning!

The powwow is coming up this weekend. If you don’t know what it is, check out my other site at and look through some past pictures. I hope to get some nice ones this year with my shiny new camera.

Later all!


Definition of unfair…

Unfair: When someone calls you and asks what an iPod is. When you ask why, they respond by saying that they just won one so they were wondering what it was.

Hopefully they will end up selling it to me for a good price as I want one for my truck. πŸ™‚

In the meantime feel free to use my Free iPod link.

Expensive Pieces of Plastic

Expensive pieces of plastic

It seems as if I have the knack of finding things that either break or are useless or just plain suck. Must have gotten that from my father! πŸ™‚

This time it’s a couple of small plastic pieces that belong to my tonneau cover on my truck.

These two pieces hold the front rail to the two side rails. When loading up some furniture for someone last fall I pushed a couch into the bed of the truck and the front rail fell off. No biggie I figured as I wouldn’t need my cover for the winter anyways.

Spring has since arrived and I wanted to put the tonneau cover back on. When I tried I noticed the these two little pieces were broken and I would need to replace them before I could put the cover on. I did a little digging and I discovered the tonneau cover is a GM factory addition so I called the dealership to get the parts ordered in. The guy on the phone was amazed when he looked up the parts I needed. The retail price was $68 (or $86, can’t quite remember) each. He told me I could have them for dealer cost at about $50 each. I was amazed. I would probably end up breaking them again. Not happy. πŸ™

If you don’t believe me give your local GM dealer a call and ask for the price on these two part numbers. 88937233 and 88937234.

I’m thinking this might be my last GM product if things like this don’t stop happening. This past winter my driver’s side power window jammed at half way up. Called my friend who told me it’s a common thing on this type of GMC pick-up and the replacement part costs about $300. The cable that pulls (or pushes) the window up and down frays and jams up in the cable housing (picture a pedal bike brake cable). The kicker is that you cannot just get a new cable. The whole power window system has to be replaced, motor and all!



2000 GMC Sierra 1500 4×4 Extended Cab Short Box