Weather 02/26/05

and then it snowed…

…and snowed, and snowed!

Finally we have some decent amounts of white stuff on the ground. We got about 6 inches of snow from Thursday night to Friday afternoon. We finally had some more white stuff after losing all the snow we had before.

Then, last night around 11 pm or so it started snowing again. I never thought much of it until I actually opened the door this morning at around 8 am. We took out a measuring tape and the snow was 13 inches and still soming down. It hasn’t really stopped yet another 12 hours later but the wind picked up late this afternoon and we have some massive drifts building up.

I’ve got a bunch of pics and videos from today but I’m too lazy right now to upload them. Tomorrow hopefully!

Oh, our skating rink needs work now. Gotta get a snowblower when the wind stops!


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