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Weather 02/26/05

and then it snowed…

…and snowed, and snowed!

Finally we have some decent amounts of white stuff on the ground. We got about 6 inches of snow from Thursday night to Friday afternoon. We finally had some more white stuff after losing all the snow we had before.

Then, last night around 11 pm or so it started snowing again. I never thought much of it until I actually opened the door this morning at around 8 am. We took out a measuring tape and the snow was 13 inches and still soming down. It hasn’t really stopped yet another 12 hours later but the wind picked up late this afternoon and we have some massive drifts building up.

I’ve got a bunch of pics and videos from today but I’m too lazy right now to upload them. Tomorrow hopefully!

Oh, our skating rink needs work now. Gotta get a snowblower when the wind stops!


The ice and us!

We finally did it. Today we left work and went to St. Alban’s for supper… taking the shortcut across the ice! 5:09 – leaving work, 5:15 – pulling into the restaurant! Nice. From there we went to Morrisville and then back to Conne.

I have a quick video clip in the gallery showing us driving on the ice.

I also forgot to mention that my rink worked out nicely on Saturday. Pretty much all of my family showed up and we had a blast skating in the backyard. After we were finished skating we had a barbeque and then lit a fire on the hill to toast some marshmallows and roast some hot dogs. The kids enjoyed some more skating and playing around while my halogen work light lit up the rink and the backyard.

Unfortunately my first time on skates in 13 years or so proved to be somewhat painful. I’m almost recovered though and me and Sio will probably be hitting the ice again this weekend!


Canadian Honda RidgeLine Pricing released!

I don’t know how I missed it last week but the pricing for the Honda RidgeLine has been announced.

Starting at $34,800 I am very interested. Anyone want to make me an offer on a 2000 GMC Sierra SLT Z71???

Rene is getting investigated!

Awww crap!

My favourite music downloading site is under investigation. It appears that they have been breaking the law all along.

Go here for more information on‘s legal troubles.

New CR-V video Clip added to the Gallery

Check it out here!
It’s one of the videos on the bottom of the page.

We had a little fun on the ice on Saturday and I made a little video out of it. Hope you enjoy!


Weather 02/21/05

It got cold again!

Unfortunately grass and dirt is visible everywhere. The ice is getting thicker with temperatures only warming up to around -10 C since Friday! Right now it’s -15.1 C and that’s where it’s been hovering all evening.

Nice for a quad right now… unfortunately the snowmobile is kinda useless. πŸ™


My HighSpeed Internet Access will be gone by June 30th.

The Bell

Well this letter doesn’t make me happy.

Looks like Bell is discontinuing its High Speed Satellite Internet offering. I have been a customer for two years and I love it. There’s no other high speed service available here other then higher cost satellite providers so I guess I am going to be left out in the dark as of June 30th, 2005.

Not happy. πŸ™


Weather 02/18/2005

Rain, rain, go away!

It’s been pouring and the temps haven’t hit zero in 2 full days. Almost all the snow is gone now except for the big piles and the mud is starting to appear in full force. πŸ™

We are supposed to get a few centimeters of flurries over next few days so there is some hope yet.

One possible good thing about the rain and warm temperatures is that I might actually find my keys now! πŸ™‚

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Canadian Tire JumpStart

Don’t Panic!

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