Lots going on these days with work and all. I been busy like crazy. I figured out why I couldn’t link to other urls easily using this site. I have switched to FireFox and it doesn’t seem to like my blogging software as much as IE. Oh well. At least now I know why it stopped working for me.

I got lots of new pics to upload and I will a.s.a.p. I have all kinds of Halloween pics, some snow pics and some Brayden pictures to upload for the grandparents and other friends.

I also received a pic of a toothbrush from someone who checks out this site from time to time. He modified his by adding a 12 volt AC adapter so he can plug it into the wall. Nuts! My 9 volt has turned out to be a failure. It sucks 9 volt batteries dry in about a minute.

Anyways, gonna run now, but on a final note… ONE MONTH ‘TIL CHRISTMAS!!!


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