The Screen Savers is changing again!


It looks like G4TechTV has changed things again. If you haven’t seen the show The Screen Savers then this won’t make any difference to you. However if you were a fan then this is bad news. It looks like only Kevin and Sarah are left on screen. See more at:

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  • rolandog says:

    Ahh… this sucks major donkey balls. I was a fan since the time Leo Laporte hosted the show, along with Patrick Norton. Well, nevertheless… it’s sad news once again.

  • Killian_sh says:

    This is sad news.I’m sorry to hear that Alex.You are a funny guy and added a element to the show that surely will be missed by many.Best wishes and keep your head high.Things will happen for you.Take care.

  • mike says:

    man alex was a funny guy he was a little funneyer than kevin and i will miss him on the shom

  • JohnH says:

    Alex, I totally watched you every day because you kept up with new technology and you have a spectacular personality. I will miss you on TSS. Sending you positive Mojo with hopes to see you on a cooler show in the near future.


  • formerfanofTSS says:

    This is horrible!
    I was a fan of TSS ever since Leo and Kate hosted it, when it was TechTV.
    I will no longer be watching this channel.
    I hope a new computer/tech channel comes out and hires all of you.

  • Naphie says:

    ahhh i also watched it when it was zdtv with leo and kate… i agree with formerfanoftss that a new computer channel should hire you all but i dont think that will happen.

  • David says:

    we dont know why they were all fired maybe something happend that got them fired or maybe its just business. we dont know the ratings maybe unschrewed wasnt getting the viewers maybe sponsors wanted it pulled or martin said more money they said no who knows but all these people saying do drive buys and all are nuts. i say gice g4 a chance there noy going to spend the money to buy all this for nothing and kevin aint stupid friends or not $$$$ means more to anyone would they have quit for him no also maybe alex didnt know that much and the fans more then the ones on these boards wanted a change either way all the fans saying they want watch is crap alex being fired is like buyers remorse you all these people will be there on the 29th watching and alex will be forgoten if you got fired tomorow would he care no life goes on and so will the show.

  • Anton says:

    Rene, I hope you see this, I can’t find any way aside from this month’s log to leave a message for you.

    I saw your September log about your modified toothbrush.

    I had a similar idea last night when I saw the TechTV spot for the first time on the web, I have something you might want to see.. E-mail me if you’re curious.

  • Jeff says:

    Sorry to see all the good talent that is gone from TSS.
    Does anyone remember TSS when Patrick and Kate were hosts? Darn, I miss the fridge.
    Here I was thinking that ComCast bought TechTV to improve G4s ratings. Well that won’t happen if they drop shows and take whats left and make them like the crappy ones on G4. Duh, don’t they realize that’s what keeps the ratings down.
    I learned to like Alex over time. Him and Kevin did a good job. I ALWAYS liked Leo and Kevin together. I’d give a gazillion dollars to see Kevin Minick (sp?) and The Woz host TSS again.

    I don’t understand the G4 shows? Do they have to yell through the whole show? It’s like one big commercial and I usually fast forward through those. (except the Juicy Fruit and Dew ones)

    I hope all goes well for all the great people that have moved on. Good Luck.

    If any of you have the chance to get cable from any other company than ComCast I hope all of you make the move. Here in CT, Groton Utilities is a small local company and they have the okay to distribute cable. When they get to me I may drop DirecTV and go to them. The reason I went to DirecTV was how poorly ComCast treats their customers and now this.

    Yeah, I’m 51 but a good old gamer. Pass the Code Red and play…..

  • L0g1cPr0b3 says:

    G4TechTV just keeps racking up the mistakes. I’m really beginning to wonder about the people who call the shots and their abilities to make good decisions. It seems to me that TSS is one of the last good tech shows and they are trying their best to make it a gaming show. I don’t think they realize the devoted following of TSS fans, therefore make rash decisions that will be their downfall. If only another network would pick up TSS and then G4TechTV will lose its 50 million viewers and go straight to the dumps. I thought you did an excellent job Alex…along with Yoshi, Dan, and the rest of the crew. You are probably better off without the big shots who “think” they know what they are doing. I’m sure we’ll see you guys pop up elsewhere in the future on bigger and better things.

  • jorge says:

    It sucks that alex has to leave funny and a great co-host in tss. tss isn’t going to be the same without alex.

  • Justin2380 says:

    I can’t believe they just dropped you like that. TSS was just starting to look good again, you brought comedy back to the show, and its sad to hear you gone. I think G4 has screwed themselves

  • Jeff says:

    Okay, everyone watch CSI on SpikeTV Nov. 29th at 7:00. If everyone dials in a different channel other than G4 maybe just maybe G4 execs will get the hint. Yeah, I know, I doubt it too. TSS will be just another screaming gamer show. What is there? 12 screaming shows on G4 that review the same games everyday?
    “If no one watches…….?”

  • Chad says:

    This change honks my Kong! Alex and Kevin dominated the airwaves as the hosts! Alex I am sorry to see you go, I have now ground my teeth to gums only. I think whomever made the decision to change this show is an idiot(That’s not the word I used earlier). The people who are driving the industry are watching this show. I am a converted jock (EECS Grad. U of Michigan) who proudly embraces my nerdism. I love football, hockey, UFC, and The Screensavers! All my tech buff super freak friends discuss this show and all you guys (Alex, Rose, Sara and Yoshi) while talking about sports and politics. One word IMPACT! The drivers also are the buyers so take notice Tech companies, mess with the show dollar signs will go. Rhyming is not good even when venting. All the best to you guys!

  • Stephen says:

    What is this? Is everyone just going to lay down and let them keep changing a program that most of us have been watching for years? This has to stop. Alex finally made the show interesting for newbies to watch! My wife was begining to understand much about what I said everyday. We should All write to G4 techtv and demand they return the show to its former self. They are creating it for us to watch not for themselves!!!!

  • Computerdog says:

    I hope Sarah and Kevin don’t take this post wrong because none of this was their doing.
    I am one of the “older” groupies of TSS and have watched it since it was on Zdnet(I believe that was the station, but old memory drive has some corrupt We have 5 TIVO’s in our house and every one of them was set to record TSS and Unscrewed every day that they were on. I have taken every show that was on my VHS tapes prior to TIVO, and then every one recorded on TIVO and saved them to DVD.
    I had a hard time accepting the loss of Leo and was even more saddened when we lost Patrick, but I remained loyal. I had a hard time adjusting to the “new” format and the addition of Alex, but I learned to enjoy the new version as well. I even received compliments from my customers (I played the DVD’s all day in my Computer Store) and many would stay longer just to finish watching an episode and then discuss it with me.
    Well, after seeing the “newer” version and hearing of all the changes, I have to say that Comcast has finally crossed the line. As of tonight my family and i have deleted the “Season Pass” for TSS on ALL 4 TIVO’s. Even our 10 yr. old son says the G4 station SUCKS, and he is an avid gamer and computer user. Our oldest son is 13 and he was the first to voice his opinion and displeasure to the change. My wife has a Masters degree in DBA with many certs, and she too agreed we will no longer include G4 in our list of favorite channels.
    I wish Sarah and Kevin the best, but I we wish the very talented Yoshi, nice guy Dan, and Alex, the guy with a personality the BEST. We are sure they’ll land on their feet and we hope that someday TSS will be resurrected to what it once was, after it’s rapid death on G4.

  • Jeff says:

    Well, I was playing EVE Online and decided to take a break during warping to just see what was going on at TSS. What a waste of time. It’s nice to see that my opinion of the 2 host haven’t changed. Maybe they should get a job at McDonald’s? It was about 7:35 and they were taking their first call? I caught a little of Sarah, the only good thing I saw for the 3 minutes I was there.
    A hint to Kevin and Sarah, start loking for a job now. With those 2 out front TSS will die before the New Year.

  • noghead says:

    Wow, these two new hosts suck, I was always excited about watching TSS. I would always look forward to watcing Kevin ROSE and Alex chat and make jokes and have a good time in the begening. Every time Dan was on screen there would be an enjoyble moment (the guys making fun or whatever). Sarah was great with her fun tweaks and tips. Yoshi’s mods were the best. And now, I dont laugh, I dont look forward to the segments, segments are poorly done and all I can think about is wanting to fast forward. As a big fan of the show, I still will watch, but now It just feels like a chore. Ill miss Alex, yoshi and Dan. Kevin should just screw G4 over and quit in like the middle of a segment, just be like “FuC|< you, Fuc|< you, Fuc|< you, your cool (pointing to Sarah), im out.” Then go and focus on making the broken with Dan, Alex should join too. Then hopefully the show will get picked up by a network. Id happly contrubute my hard earned money to make this happen.

  • Shane C says:

    When you first came on(Alex) I was a little eery about you but I came to liking you. I found that you brought out Kevin R’s personality more(I find, anyways). I HAD to watch the show every day. Everytime I watched it, I got some good laughs and learned a few new things. It’s very sad that you are gone but maybe we’ll see you on a better show in the near future?

    I watched two shows with the new hosts and I dislike it! I havent watched it since and don’t plan on it anytime soon!

    Good job G4 at ruining what you guys had left of a great show!

  • Ruxpin says:

    The Screen Savers was one of my favourite programs, partly due to its content but mainly due to the people who made it great. I hope that I will be watching Alex, Kevin R, Sarah, Dan, Yoshi, and the rest of the people who made TSS great. I hope you all follow in Leo’s footsteps and come to Canada. Bring the real TSS back, Screw G4/techtv take matters in your own hands and make it happen. Whatever happens, I wish you all the best of luck.

  • Chad says:

    Major bummer. I too started watching the show way back when it was Leo and Patrick. I was very leary about the move to G4 and the new hosts Kevin and Alex. However, Kevin and Alex were great! I am truly going to miss Alex and having Kevin on the sidelines just sucks. The new format blows!

  • Tim says:

    hey how do we post a comment or two back at comcast or whoever to get them to realize they are screwing with a excellent show?