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Lots going on these days with work and all. I been busy like crazy. I figured out why I couldn’t link to other urls easily using this site. I have switched to FireFox and it doesn’t seem to like my blogging software as much as IE. Oh well. At least now I know why it stopped working for me.

I got lots of new pics to upload and I will a.s.a.p. I have all kinds of Halloween pics, some snow pics and some Brayden pictures to upload for the grandparents and other friends.

I also received a pic of a toothbrush from someone who checks out this site from time to time. He modified his by adding a 12 volt AC adapter so he can plug it into the wall. Nuts! My 9 volt has turned out to be a failure. It sucks 9 volt batteries dry in about a minute.

Anyways, gonna run now, but on a final note… ONE MONTH ‘TIL CHRISTMAS!!!


The Screen Savers is changing again!


It looks like G4TechTV has changed things again. If you haven’t seen the show The Screen Savers then this won’t make any difference to you. However if you were a fan then this is bad news. It looks like only Kevin and Sarah are left on screen. See more at: