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My modified toothbrush!

Original Toothbrush

Not your standard cheap toothbrush!

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Gmail invites

Just thought I’d share some invites I have been given.

In case you don’t know what Gmail is, it’s a web based email system, much like Hotmail but a lot nicer to use. The only way to get an address is by getting an invite.


Go Joanne GO!!!

Going The Distance There’s something that makes you feel good inside when you can go to a theater and see one of your best friends since childhood on the big screen.

My long time friend Joanne Kelly is finally on the big screen. She’s been in a few movies in the past (Mafia Doctor and The Bay of Joys and Sorrows) but this is the first time that I know of that she been in a movie that is being shown Nation Wide. Check out the website for more information on it at and be sure to download the trailer at

Targa Newfoundland Pictures and videos

Hey all,

Lots of new pics on my site now including Pictures from Targa Newfoundland 2002, 2003, and 2004. I have loads of video clips of the Targas as well but I just don’t have the space to host them online. A couple of clips can be found in the Targa 2004 album in my gallery. We had a blast that day and made a family trip out of it.

I also have loads more pics of the building of our house as well as more pics of the old GMC I have for sale.

As usual check out the Gallery!

Later, time to catch some zzzz’s.

P.S. I don’t think I mentioned this yet but have sold my old Shadow 750 after owning her for 11 years. It was a sad day indeed. 🙁