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Possible site problems

It seems my host for this website (and others I own) is soon to be going under. There is apparently no one running that business anymore. The sites seem to be working as of now but I suspect that in the near future all my sites may go down. If this happens I will be switching to a new host and everything should be back up quickly. As of right now I am already having troubles with sending emails. I think I have found a new provider but I am hoping that I can make it until shortly before my domain name expires before I switch.

I’ll keep you posted.

WaveRunner Ride to Pushthrough

What a ride we had on Monday afternoon. Me, Sio and Rodger jumped aboard our PWCs (Personal Water Craft also commonly called jet-skis) and headed out the Bay. We ended up about 20 miles out at a place called Pushthrough. Pushthrough was resettled in the 60’s so not too much is left now.

Pics can be found at


Erin and Geoff’s Wedding

My childhood friend Erin has gotten hitched. It was a wonderful day and everything fell into place as planned. Her parents were probably the best hosts of any wedding I have ever attended. Kudos guys, and thanks for all the hospitality!

Erin and Geoff were a beautiful couple and I left the church with watery eyes. Not that I was sad, I just couldn’t help myself. ๐Ÿ™‚ The reception was wonderful and the dance was quite fun.

The next morning there was a huge breakfast at the bride’s parents house. Everyone who was there was chipping in to some degree. Then there was the gift opening and Amanda finally managed to energe from her cacoon (with a little help from the breakfast bell… er… pot and spoon actually) to help her sister out with keeping track of the presents.

The Bride and Groom then left at 10:30am to catch their flight down south. I hope their honeymoon works out as good as the wedding.

We met a lot of new people and hope to see you all again in the future.

If anyone would like to leave a comment here feel free to do so. I will leave this entry open for a while for comments.

There are also pictures in my gallery at You can also comment on each picture there if you like.

Rene and Siobhan

Fun Summer!

A little late with this update. We’ve been busy enjoying our summer.

This will just be a quick update and I will hopefully have some more details in the next little while to fill in the blanks.

We went camping (as noted in a previous entry) and Siobhan decided she wanted a truck that we found for sale in Gander. We bought it with 67,000 kms on her. It’s a 2000 GMC Sierra.

A week or so later we left with our camper in tow behind our new (to us) truck.

We got about 400 kms into our trip and had some awful noises coming from the rear of the truck. We spent that night in Kinsmen Prince Edward Park near Corner Brook waiting for a garage to check us out the next day. This park was not at all impressive. We paid $15 for a non-serviced site and we had to ask for a garbage can and picnic table to be delivered to our site. They mentioned that they figured they would run out of tables and cans before long. Only about half the non-serviced sites were in use. Not a good sign. The site we had was littered with garbage and toilet paper was throughout the woods. Yuck!

The awful noise was the friggin heat shield rubbing the drive shaft. ๐Ÿ™‚

We then made our way to Barachois Pond Provincial Park. 6 days and nights of pure joy. More on this in a upcoming review.

After that we went to Ramea for a few nights for Brayden’s Christening and then made our way home.

The next weekend we went back to the Burgeo highway and spent a few nights at the cabin at Peter Stride’s Lake.

After this we attended Dale and Tracy’s wedding. Pictures of this in the gallery.

This upcoming weekend we’ll be celebrating Erin and Geoff’s (Jeff??) wedding.

Thanks for reading!

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