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Dirtbike Ride

Hey all,

Just letting you know that there are some more pics at the gallery showing the ride Me and Cory took last weekend on our bikes.

We left from Buchans and followed Phoebe in her car to Route 480 using an Abitibi Price access road. The ride was beautiful and almost without incident. check links We covered a total of 180kms in about 3 hours (a few breaks and a lunch).

As always, pics in the gallery!

I held off as long as I could…

Not gonna say much here.

I’d just like to point my friends to this gallery:

I’d also like to make note that I had to turn off the comments as I was getting overrun by SPAM comments being left. Please don’t click on Ads people.


Camping at Notre Dame Provincial Park and Jonathan’s Pond Park

Hey all.

We got back last evening after taking some holidays following our few days spent at the Powwow. We got up bright and early on Saturday and geared up for a 4 day camping trip. We spent the first two night at Notre Dame Provincial Park and the last two nights at Jonathan’s Pond Park.

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Powwow 2004

Pics in the gallery at

Too busy to type much right now, but enjoy some pics in the meantime.

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