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TunerDaze2k4 Car show and Castle pics

Just got back from a weekend in St. John’s. We checked out the TunerDaze2k4 Car Show at Mile one. Pics in the gallery.

We also checked out the big attraction on Marine Drive in Logy Bay. Some guy is building a castle out there. Again Pics at the gallery.

I think that’s it for now. The Powwow is coming up quick and we’ll be spending time there for sure. Glow sticks anyone??? 🙂


Camping Pictures…

We spent the weekend at the local park. Jipujijkuei Kuespem. I have some pics posted in my gallery.

I also have some Birch Bark Canoe making Pictures in my gallery at

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Trip to Peter Strides Lake

More pictures added to my gallery after having a wonderful long weekend spent at the cabin at Peter Stride’s Lake on the Burgeo/Ramea highway. color scheme