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Pictures added at

Hey all,

I just wanted to post a note here to let everyone know that there is a bunch of new pictures at

I have been really busy over the last while compiling pictures that I feel are good to represent our community.

Hope you enjoy!

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Baby Pics online at the Baby’s Gallery salesforce service cloud

Phoebe had a …

… baby at 4:05 pm Today. Lots of hair. 2 and a half hours in labour (from what I was told over the phone).

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Phoebe left on the Ambulance!

Phoebe’s due date was today… sooo… at 6 0’clock this morning our phone rings. Phoebe’s water has broken and the ambulance was about to be called. Looks like a little one is pretty close right now! Updates and pics to follow!

Our Camper

Hey all,

I posted a bunch of pics in the gallery showing our new camper and the few small problems I have found with it since purchasing it. A LOT of people have viewed the images and sent me great tips and feedback on the issues. I also contacted Adventure Sales and Service in Gander (where we bought the camper) and they are taking care of me.

I am setting the camper up this afternoon and possibly giving her a test run tonight in Camp BackYard.

Check out the pics so far at

Old site has oficially been put on hold

I finally went and pulled the plug on my old site at All future updates will be done at this site and in my gallery set-up. I am leaving my old site as it is so people can still browse through the information contained in it.

If you wish to be automatically emailed when I post to this site let me know and I will add you to the mailing list.

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Baby Shower

Today Siobhan had a Babyshower for Phoebe and Cory. All the pics and helium filled videos are at domain dns info .

First Post

Hey all,

Welcome to my new site. I have been working hard to figure out how to operate a site using CGI and PHP scripts and I finally have something to show for it.

You can find my pictures in my gallery. Cementace medi .